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Are you looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency and save money? Maybe you’re looking for ways to shrink your carbon footprint or have a positive impact on the planet? Regardless of your goal, the 2024 Home & Lifestyle show in Caledon has something for you. Join us at the Home & Lifestyle Show to learn from experts about retrofits that can improve energy efficiency and build climate resilience in your home.

Albion Bolton Community Centre

150 Queen Street South – Bolton, ON

How to Reduce Your Home Energy Footprint!

For many of us, the biggest portion of our carbon footprint comes from the fuels we burn to drive our cars, heat our homes and power our appliances. Depending on where our energy comes from, our energy use can have a negative impact on the planet.

SO WHAT CAN WE DO? It is hard to imagine we stop using energy completely or that we can make the switch over to clean energy by tomorrow. We can however use less, be more efficient with the energy we use, and investigate alternative sources of energy to power our lives. Changing our daily behaviours around energy use is not only better for the planet but it is also better for our wallets.

Come learn from experts such as Quest Geothermal, Arseneau Home Comfort, Environmental Defence, Centre for Community Energy Transformation, Viva Earth Refillery – plus, a cast of respected experts in windows and doors, roofing and home insulation.

Speeding towards Sustainability

Transportation from point A to point B, and back again, people and goods are constantly being moved around. But what about the environmental impact of all of this movement? Well, that depends on the mode of transportation.

To date, a majority of the energy that powers the different forms of transportation we choose is generated by burning fossil fuels, creating greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change. In Canada, transportation accounts for one quarter of our carbon emissions.

From bicycles to cars and even trucks, ELECTRIC vehicles run on electricity, reducing GHG emissions from 50 to 90%. Not only are these vehicles more climate-friendly, they also save owners money by requiring less maintenance and running on cheaper power sources.

Improvements in battery technology have made electric cars and trucks more realistic options for everyday drivers, not to mention that the cost of electric cars is coming down at an exponential rate and all major car companies have made big commitments to supporting this transition.

Come learn from EV expert and host of the EV Revolution YouTube channel, Ken Bokor as well as, team members from Fines Ford Lincoln to learn about their line up of battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and hybrids.

Proudly supporting Caledon Meals on Wheels.

Visit www.homeandlifestyleshow.ca for info, schedules and free online tickets.

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