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Green Development Standards. Why Caledon?

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Written by ecoCaledon

This spring, Caledon town council will vote on whether to adopt green development standards. These transformative, mandatory requirements aim to achieve net-zero emissions from all new buildings by 2030.

Green development standards are integrated into the planning approvals process for development applications and have been established in various municipalities such as: Toronto, Halton Hills, Whitby, Ajax, Markham, Vaughan and Brampton. With Mississauga’s green development standards expected to be adopted in early April, Caledon will be the final and most critical piece of the Peel puzzle.

Why should Caledon have GDS?

Caledon is entering a period of significant growth. The current forecast is for a tripling of Caledon’s population to 300,000 people over the next three decades through continued development – an unprecedented milestone in our largely rural municipality that will significantly impact the Town’s energy and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) footprint.

According to the Clean Air Partnership, by implementing climate-friendly policies, municipalities such as Caledon can significantly reduce GHG emissions and promote sustainable development within our jurisdiction.

If we support these standards, we could:

  • Build more resilient communities better prepared for the climate crisis.
  • Improve energy affordability for residents and businesses.
  • Avoid costly retrofits.
  • Increase affordable housing supply.
  • Meet our climate targets.
  • Protect Caledon’s natural heritage and agriculture.

Together, we can create more livable, affordable and sustainable communities while protecting what makes Caledon special.

This spring, let Caledon council know that you support mandatory green development standards. Click here to show your support!

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