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Get Ready To Join The ecoCaledon “Caledon Cares Enviro Challenge”  

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Caledon residents and employees are getting together to keep Caledon more Sustainable for the Future!


The “Caledon Cares Enviro Challenge” is a year long Challenge to Caledon residents and employees to take actions to reduce their impact on the environment in a series of areas of their lives – to be a part of a collective community effort! With the support of Caledon businesses and the Town of Caledon, they will be rewarded for their actions. 

Businesses and organizations can also take on the Enviro Challenge adding up their individual actions together as well!!

All participants gain recognition and can win prizes!!

Caledon Cares Enviro Challenge Participation Benefits:

  • Chance to win prizes for each of the 4 challenges – May to November
  • Recognition Certificates for ALL participants
  • Opportunity to be featured on social media to help encourage others
  • Gain insight into what you can do to reduce your impact on the planet

Events + Themes

How to Eat to Save the Planet? (Food) – May 2023

How to Reduce your Transportation Footprint (Transportation) – June 2023

How to Reduce your Home’s Footprint? (Buildings + Energy) – September 2023

How to Adapt? (Building Resilience + Adaptation) – November 2023

When Participants Win The Environment Wins!

By being a part of the “Caledon Cares Enviro Challenge” program, you will have a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gasses and making our shared community a more sustainable place for the future. Together Caledon residents, employees, businesses and organizations will make a difference!!

Stay tuned for further announcements from ecoCaledon soon about the launch of the Challenge!

Background: In June 2022 Caledon Council approved to merge the Community and School Green Funds grant program to streamline the process and allow more funds to be dispersed per project. EcoCaledon was one of the successful community groups to apply for and receive funding from the Caledon’s Climate Action Fund. The Caledon Cares Enviro Challenge is funded from their grant.

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