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ecoCaledon’s Enviro Challenge and Repair Café

Written by ecoCaledon

You can participate in all four aspects of ecoCaledon’s Enviro Challenge to reduce your impact through Food, Transportation, Home + Energy and Climate Change Preparedness. On November 18th join the Enviro Challenge event to fix broken items at the Repair Café, see local vendors, learn about actions you can take to reduce your footprint and hear speakers. Topics include; electric cars, adding natural landscapes to reduce climate impact, ideas to save money while reducing your impact on the environment and fun activities for adults and kids (www.ecoCaledon.org).

The Repair Café will have volunteer fixers to help you fix items and show you how they do repairs. There will be volunteers to help with small appliances, clothes, jewelry and pottery, electronics and more.

The Enviro Challenge offers a range of actions (many easy to implement) to be a part of Caledon’s Community effort to reduce our Climate Footprint. The challenge now has all four aspects to choose from. With the support of the Town of Caledon and Caledon businesses, participants will be rewarded for their actions. All participants gain recognition and can win prizes!! Haven’t registered yet, click here!

Have fun taking on the challenges with your friends and family. Here are some of the actions that you can do: Food – planning and creating a new weekly menu with shared base nutritious ingredients to save time and waste less, freeze leftovers; Transportation – test drive an electric car, combine trips, commute by going to “Go and TTC Hubs” more often; Home + Energy – turn lights off, use programable thermostats, consider retrofits to your house with help of government rebate programs; Climate Adaptation – plant more trees, add solar or a white roof, change water flow to avoid floods.

So how have Caledon residents and employees been taking actions so far; Citas made several veggie-based dinners including “Eggplant Rollatini” with tomatoes, and “YellowFin Tuna” with broccoli and parsnips. Bob has been test driving electric cars so he will know his e-car of choice to buy later next year. Maria has applied for government grants and has a contractor to install an energy saving heat pump. Margo and her family are taking new energy saving steps making it a fun challenge for the kids and parents to take actions.

ecoCaledon, a volunteer environmental organization from Caledon (since 1995), works to connect Caledon Residents to their environment encouraging them to live more sustainable lives and to help in making Caledon more sustainable.  They have a number of programs including Gratitude for Food, Paint a Picture For Clean Air (School Program where Caledon Students create Posters to encourage No Idling – and can be found in Caledon retailer’s windows March- June), Caledon Reduces (Repair Cafes, Water Saver Rain Barrels and more). Volunteers and “Friends of ecoCaledon” work together to connect the community on the environment (www.ecoCaledon.org)

ecoCaledon encourages you to join Caledon Residents and Employees to keep Caledon more Sustainable for the Future! You can take the Enviro Challenge to reduce your footprint, win Prizes and recognition. Click here!

For more information about The Repair Café, please email info@ecocaledon.org.

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