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ecoCaledon Kicks off the Caledon Cares Enviro Challenge

Written by ecoCaledon

Challenge Theme – How to Eat to Save the Planet!

Traditionally, when we think of the causes of global warming, fossil fuel energy probably comes to mind. Less conspicuous are the consequences of our breakfast, lunch and dinner – Project Drawdown. 

From farm to fork, the foods we choose to eat can have a major impact on the planet. During our first challenge workshop, we explored the relationship between food and the climate and how our individual and collective choices impact our “food” footprint. We then began the process of RETHINKing our relationship with food by introducing one of the TOP food related climate solutions – a Planetary Health Diet. 

Not to mention, we were joined by an incredible guest speaker – Jason Fonger, Plant-Based Triathlete.

Didn’t get a chance to attend the first workshop? No worries, we’ve got a full and condensed version recorded.

Ready to TAKE ACTION with your dinner plate? Choose as many of the three actions on our ACTION LIST and be sure to share what you’ve done through this link.

Here are a few links if you couldn’t get enough of the cookies and harissa salad dressing!

Stay tuned for our second Challenge – Speeding Towards Sustainability 


The Caledon Cares Enviro Challenge is a year-long challenge for Caledon residents and employees to take action to reduce their impact on the environment in a series of areas of their lives – to be a part of a collective community effort!

With the support of the Town of Caledon and Caledon businesses, participants will be rewarded for their actions. All participants gain recognition and can win prizes!!

Haven’t registered yet, click here!

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