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The Question: What Can We Humans Do Together?

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Thank you to Bolton resident Bill Wilson for his thoughtful and insightful opinion on world events…

And so the quest began for true nature conservation…

Living creatures appear in the seas and on earth – 6 million years ago

Earth creatures become bipedal-walking humans – 4.1 million years ago

Humans migrate and meet other humans in Africa and Asia -1.8 million years ago

Humans live in small groups sharing food, shelter, words and ideas – 300,000 years ago

Humans migrate and trade with each other and prosper- 130,000 years ago

Human conflicts begin over trade, living space and many gods- 120,000 years ago

Humans continue to migrate reaching the Americas – 15,000 years ago

First large cities built 7500 B.C. become deadly battle grounds- 9700 years ago

Humans discover we are all related says Charles Darwin 1859

In the present era human conflicts, wars and suffering continue with two recent world wars

In the present era “united” nations are not well supported by humans to reconcile ancient beliefs and differences or to prevent continuing conflicts, wars and collateral suffering

In the present era climate changes revealed in the 1970s are increasing world-wide human suffering

In the present era world human population has risen from 3.03 billion in 1960 to 7.88 billion in 2021

What can we humans do together, with our children, to cease conflicts and enjoy migrating, trading, food, shelter, words, family and ideas like we used to 130,000 years ago?

Editor’s note: Bill has been working on a book – True Nature Conservation – if you have an interest in seeing it let us know and we will put you in touch.

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