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Winter Town of Caledon Information

Written by Patti Foley

Winter Operations and Maintenance in the Town of Caledon

The following information will assist Town of Caledon residents and businesses as we enter into the holidays, should there be snow events. Here is what you can expect during winter operations, and your responsibilities to help keep Caledon moving.

Snow removal on Caledon roadways

The Town of Caledon’s Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining all roads within the Town, with the exception of the major arterial roads including Regional Road 50 (Highway 50), Regional Road 24 (Charleston Side Road) and Regional Road 7 (Airport Road). Maintenance of these major routes and other Regional Roads are the responsibility of the Region of Peel.

Timelines for snow removal

It takes Town staff approximately 8 hours after a typical snowstorm to completely clear local roads. Please note, in the event of a larger storm, it may take much longer—the Town asks that motorists and pedestrians exercise caution and give themselves extra time to reach their destinations.

If possible, the Town recommends drivers use regional roads during heavy winter driving conditions for any trips other than local destination.

Help us by removing vehicles parked on your street

Town by-laws dictate that parked vehicles cannot impede snow removal operations. The Town asks residents to move vehicles parked on the road so as to not impede snow removal. Parked vehicles that impede snow removal will be enforced as per by-law 2011-020.

Sidewalk clearing in Caledon

Town staff is responsible for maintaining all sidewalks within Caledon. Walkways or pads in front of Canada Post Super Mailboxes are the responsibility of Canada Post.

The network of sidewalks throughout Caledon is comprised of Primary and Secondary Routes, based on destination and traffic volume. Council has directed that Primary Routes be cleared within 24 hours after the end of a significant snowfall and within 48 hours on Secondary Routes. In the event of a severe storm, Primary Routes may be left up to 7 days.

Don’t forget to clear your mailboxes!

During winter snow clearing operations, the Town will only assume responsibility for mailboxes that are hit by Town plows.

The Town of Caledon will not replace or repair mailboxes that:

Are knocked off by the snow
Are in poor condition as a result of age or vandalism
Do not meet Town of Caledon standards
Mailbox provision, installation and maintenance are the sole responsibility of the owner.

How to stay informed

During major snowstorms, residents can stay updated through multiple channels:

Twitter: @YourCaledon
Town mobile app: Pingstreet (
Who you can contact for more information

For questions or for more information, please contact the Public Works Department at 905.584.2272 x.4328 or send an email to Public Works during regular business hours:

After hours emergencies, or during the Town Hall holiday closure, please call 1.800.563.7881.


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