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Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Why and question marks
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It seems to be the question that will not go away this week. Especially for folks living in Caledon. Truth be told, maybe it shouldn’t.

Residents are seeking not just any answers to their questions. They are seeking honest, justifiable, irrefutable answers that also explain…

Why, when Caledon’s recently approved Official Plan already plans for about 12,000 homes and the Town has already agreed to the province’s housing pledge of 13,000 homes, is there a sudden urgency to use Strong Mayor Powers (SMP) to push that number up to almost 35,000 homes, circumventing regular process? (On March 26th the Town announced the mayor was advancing rezoning of 12 development applications to expedite almost 35,000 housing units in Caledon. Seven of the 12 are in the Bolton area.)

Why, given the concerns and considerations outlined in Caledon’s Housing Pledge – to build 13,000 homes – about cost issues like infrastructure, parkland, fire, rec centres, and more, that have the potential to substantially increase tax burden for residents, would it not then be prudent to wait until there are resolutions and assurances on these issues before pushing almost 35,000 homes rather than 13,000?

Why does it have to be done in a way that resembles 12 municipal-level MZO’s? Why not follow normal process including going to Council for a vote (and one not handcuffed by SMP)?

Is there planning justification for 35,000 homes? What percentage will be affordable homes?

Who is benefitting?

Why are duly elected Councillors being denied the opportunity to represent their constituents and have their vote equally recognized at the Council table? (under SMP just over one-third of Council needs to vote in favour for it to pass. Some feel this flies in the face of democracy)

Will this rapid and intense development, along with Hwy 413 (the GTA West Corridor), increase demand for Caledon aggregates?

What is the impact on Caledon’s remaining prime agricultural land?

Does this abbreviated process allow adequate time for assessments of potential environmental risks?

We have spoken with people this week who feel there is an affordable housing crisis. Not a housing crisis.

We have spoken with people who feel democracy is slipping away. They feel that the Caledon they know and love is under threat. They believe that if this situation is not met with any resistance from Caledon residents, then rapidly planned, undemocratically decided, costly, and perhaps an unnecessary amount of growth may happen. And it will be precedent-setting. And they are worried about what that means for them, their taxes, their services, and their town.

If you share these concerns and have questions too, you are invited to a citizens’ forum being held on Wednesday, April 17th at the St. James Anglican Church Hall, 6025 Old Church Rd, in Caledon East at 6:00pm. For more information on the meeting contact: debbeday33@gmail.com or nikkiross1212@gmail.com

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