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What’s Happening in Downtown Bolton?

As the new Bolton water feedermain and water tower project progresses through town the construction work is becoming much more evident. This is drawing more questions so I thought an update would help folks understand what is going on in the downtown core.

What’s happened so far?

The initial phases of this large Region of Peel project are completed and by now most of you will have taken note of the visible improvements that followed as the watermain was constructed along Queen St from Columbia Way down into the core. A new sidewalk now extends from Columbia Way to Bolton Heights along the east side and from Cross Country to Hickman Street on the west. Dozens of trees have been planted and streetlights now light the way.

A separate pedestrian bridge, built parallel to the Queen Street bridge as it spans the Humber River, does double duty as it both disguises the watermain and offers a safer pedestrian crossing away from the vehicular bridge.

On the northeast corner of the Municipal lot, just south of the River, a partnership of the Region, the Town, the Albion Bolton Historical Society, the TRCA, the Ontario Trillium Fund and the Bolton Community Action Site group, brought a long-time dream to life with the creation of the Humber River Heritage Park.

What’s that big equipment in theMunicipal lot all about?

The final phases of the feedermain project are now underway. This involves micro-tunneling from the Municipal lot along Ann St to King and then from Ann St along King over to Deer Valley Drive. Four shafts will be utilized to accomplish this. One of the shafts is located in the municipal lot; this compound is where you currently see large equipment, with more to soon arrive.

What about parking while the compound is in place?

The compound temporarily puts a number of parking spots out of use. To rectify this the Town has entered into an agreement with the owner of 50 Ann Street (the building that used to house the Legion) to use that parking lot as public parking for the duration of the project. Weather permitting you’ll see the Region paving and lining that parking lot this week. As well the Region has relined the existing Municipal lot to ensure people can make the best possible use of the available space.

What will this look like when it is done?

I think you’ll love our new look when it is done! When the feedemain project is finished the Municipal lot will receive a facelift even that includes charging stations for electric cars. Partnering with the Town, Stern Street and Ann Street will be reconstructed along with new sidewalks and streetscaping. A mural of what the area will look like will be posted on the walls that surround the compound during the next couple of weeks. All works in the valley are estimated to be complete by next summer.

The water tower, which you can see partially constructed on the west side of Coleraine Drive, is scheduled to be finished in 2014.

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