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URGENT: Please relay immediately to neighbours without power



Urgent: Please distribute this information widely. Hydro One has informed us they do not have the ability to pinpoint individual outages. If you know anyone who is still without power it is imperative this be reported directly to Hydro One at 1-800-434-1235

Town of Caledon – Storm Update – December 27, 2013

The Town of Caledon continues to experience the serious effects of the ice storm.

“We continue to work as quickly as possible with Hydro One to restore power to all parts of Caledon,” said Mayor Marolyn Morrison. “All of our resources continue to work 24/7 to get through this. We’re grateful to our dedicated crews based here in Caledon, and those from across the Province who have come in to assist.”

The following IMPORTANT information provides an update for Town of Caledon in response to the ice storm as of December 27, 2013, 10:00 a.m.

Power outages

IMPORTANT: DO NOT WAIT for restoration times, call HYDRO ONE now to report your power outage if you are still without power.

Hydro One needs to hear from you so that they can confirm outages. At this point, restoration will be faster if the crew can respond to all affected customers within the same area, rather than having to return at a later time.

Call 1-800-434-1235

The Town of Caledon is currently one of the hardest hit in the Hydro One operating territory in the Province of Ontario. Current estimates for Caledon and surrounding area are approximately 1,700 without power. Number of customers is based on the number of meters not receiving power. Hydro One reports that they are expecting outages throughout the day, with Estimated Time to Restoration (ETR) set for 11:00 p.m. today, Friday, December 27, 2013. Pockets of concentration exist all over Caledon. ETR and locations may fluctuate.

Restoration and damage assessments for remote and one-off customers continues, and Hydro One reports that these are the most difficult and time-intensive parts of recovery. Any available crews are being dispatched to assist Caledon and the surrounding area.

Assume Hydro One does not know of your individual situation. Smart Meters do communicate with Hydro One systems, however the specific ability to determine if an individual address has been fully restored is not available to most areas, including Caledon.

Call 1-800-434-1235 to report your outage.

Safety: do not try to correct any damage yourself, Hydro one will get there. For life-threatening emergencies, call 9-1-1.

Road conditions

Public Works has confirmed that the following road remains closed as of 9:00 a.m. Friday, December 27, 2013:

Coolihan’s Sideroad, from the Gore Road to # 7413
Shaw’s Creek Road is now open.

Public Works continues to work to clear these roadways and others that have been impacted by storm debris. Assistance from other Hydro operators in the province is ongoing at this time. Public Works reports that most of the known locations where trees were blocking the whole road or one lane have been cleared within Town limits.

Fire and Emergency Services has conducted door-to-door visits to ensure resident safety where the Town is aware that residents are in blocked areas or power has been out for an extended period of time.

How to Warm up today – Warming information

Parks and Recreation facilities are open today, for holiday programming hours. For Friday, December 27, 2013 Town of Caledon Parks and Recreation facilities are operating on a holiday schedule.

Albion Bolton Community Centre OPEN 8 a.m. to midnight
Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness OPEN 5:45 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Mayfield Community Complex OPEN 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Caledon Community Complex OPEN 7:00 a.m. to 12 midnight
Lloyd Wilson Arena CLOSED (due to intermittent power)
Caledon Central Pool CLOSED
Town Hall Parks and Recreation Office CLOSED
Visit for more information.

Bolton Fire Station #302 continues to be an initial first point of contact for citizens who require charging of their devices or require warmth, coffee, etc. The Bolton Fire station is located at 28 Ann Street in Bolton. The telephone number for the Bolton Fire Hall is 905.584.2272 x. 4321.

In the event that Caledon residents require transportation to or from Station #302, contact Caledon-Dufferin Victim Services for transportation by calling 905.951.3838 or toll-free 1.888.743.6496. Caledon-Dufferin Victim Services have volunteers who can assist in other capacities. Their dispatch is open 24/7.

Fire Safety

Residents are reminded to remain fire safe during power outages and during winter storm conditions.

During extended power outages, residents must take extra care when using alternative lighting, cooking and heating equipment. Caledon Fire & Emergency Services is reminding the public that electrically-connected smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms will not work when the power is out.

Tree Damage

The Town of Caledon continues to receive reports regarding downed trees and branches on public and private property. Now that the majority of trees have been removed from major roadways, staff is working on responding to these reports on a priority basis. The Town is currently focusing on clearing trees that pose a hazard to obstructed sidewalks, driveways, and other safety related situations.

Residents should expect delays in clearing non-hazardous fallen trees and branches at this time. Please remain cautious when walking, and when possible avoid woodlots, trails, parks and open spaces until the situation has been mitigated.

Trees on Hydro Lines

If there are any trees impacting hydro lines, please contact Hydro One at 1.800.434.1235. Please note that the Town cannot remove any trees that are impacted by Hydro lines until the danger has been removed.

Public Trees

The Town of Caledon is committed to working quickly to remove fallen trees and limbs from Town property. If there is a fallen boulevard tree (between the road and sidewalk) please contact the Region of Peel After Hours Line at 1.800.563.7881 to report.

Private Trees

For privately owned trees, residents are encouraged to contact a local arborist to assess the situation. Residents are asked to please refrain from moving privately owned tree debris onto the curb. For more information on disposing of your tree, please visit the Region of Peel’s website for yard waste information, or take any debris to a Regional Community Recycling Centre.

Region of Peel response – Statement by Emil Kolb, Chair of the Region of Peel

Statement By Emil Kolb, Chair of the Region of Peel, Regarding Service Response to the Ice Storm

– 30 – Media Contact:

Bethany Lee, Manager Corporate Communications
416-435-5574 |

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