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Unique Home-share Opportunity at Shiloh House near Bolton

Shiloh House
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Shiloh House is a fully-renovated historical house in a peaceful rural setting north of Bolton designed to allow two women with an intellectual disability to live more independently.  

Caledon Area Families for Inclusion (CAFFI) Housing has announced that there is one opening coming up for June 2024 occupancy.

The home is shared with a third woman for overnight home safety.

Own access to family and community supports is required. As well, own access to special transportation is required, as no public transit is available.

Rent is very affordable at $565/month with utilities & unlimited internet included.

The renter will enjoy a private bedroom on the first floor.

This is a unique home-sharing concept where a willingness to share common spaces, and the ability to take part in household responsibilities are essential.

No pets are allowed (allergy issue) and must be a non-smoker. References are required.

More information on Life at Shiloh House is provided below.
As well you can email CAFFI Housing
care of:


Home-sharing is chosen by CAFFI Housing as the living arrangement at Shiloh House, to create a positive shared home environment for all occupants.
Home-sharing at Shiloh House means that three women, each with their own bedroom, choose to live together.  Other spaces in the house such as the kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and living room are shared. 
One of the sharers has the responsibility to stay overnight at Shiloh House 6 nights a week to ensure the safety of all the sharers. Separate overnight arrangements for statutory holidays, Christmas or vacations are to be negotiated and agreed in advance.  
Two of the sharers make alternative arrangements on the Saturday night to allow the 3rd sharer time free of their responsibilities.  Any required care-giving for either of these women will be the responsibility of that sharers’ parents/guardians/caregivers.  
Weekly activities away from Shiloh House, Monday to Friday, and arrangements for transportation to any activities are the responsibility of the sharers’ parents/guardians/caregivers.
Each sharer is responsible for their own daily schedule, meals, clean up after their meals and their own laundry. Sharers may choose to eat together with their housemates or eat alone, depending on their schedule.
Each sharer is responsible for their own medication with support from their parents/guardians/caregivers, where applicable.
Weekly house cleaning of shared areas (kitchen, bathrooms, den), garbage, recycling, and compost disposal, and weekly waste collection are shared responsibilities. More intense house cleaning is organized monthly with the three sharers working together to keep their home clean and tidy.

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