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Town of Caledon Recognizes 2018-2022 Council Achievements

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Council and staff at the Town of Caledon have made substantial progress advancing their 2018-2022 Council Work Plan priorities: sustainable growth, a connected community, improved service delivery and good governance.

“We are pleased with the positive impact the Council Work Plan has had on the Caledon community over the past four years,” said Mayor Allan Thompson. “The Town of Caledon remains committed to making progress and recognizing the long-term vision for the community, including making Caledon the most livable and sustainable rural-urban community in Canada.”

A few of the Town’s key accomplishments include:

  • Securing land for Caledon’s GO Station as part of the Greater Golden Horseshoe Transportation Plan.
  • Enforcing against illegal land use, particularly trucking operations.
  • Creating hundreds of full-time jobs in Caledon by supporting major industrial projects such as Mars Canada, Beer Store, UPS and Amazon.
  • Setting net zero emissions target with the adoption of the Resilient Caledon Community Climate Action Plan.
  • Increasing high speed internet access to residents by installing 106km of fibre-optic cable through Caledon-Vianet and SWIFT partnerships.

“We are very proud of our accomplishments across our four priorities,” said Carey Herd, Chief Administrative Officer. “We faced many unprecedented challenges as team and look forward to working on a strategic plan, an overarching policy document that will shape and direct the future Town of Caledon.”

This success does not come without overcoming significant challenges. In March 2020, the Town redeployed staff and other resources in an emergency capacity to prioritize a COVID-19 pandemic response. Working together with partners from the Region of Peel and Province of Ontario, the Town successfully implemented:

  • COVID-19 response protocols such as property tax deferrals, hosting vaccination clinics and enhancing online service delivery.
  • COVID-19 recovery initiatives including reducing recreation rental rates and sports affiliate participation fees, launching the Love Local Caledon campaign and expanding the Municipal Agricultural Community Grant Program.

Despite an unforeseen global pandemic, substantial progress was still made in achieving the Council Work Plan goals – a testament to the persevering and persistent nature of Town staff.

Staff at the Town of Caledon are preparing for a new strategic plan for the new term of Council at the end of this year. Stay tuned for public input opportunities on

To review or request a copy of the current Council Work Plan, please visit the Town of Caledon’s website.

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