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This Weekend, History Made in Bolton

Those up and out early yesterday got to see a little piece of history in the making in downtown Bolton. All 39 tons of new pedestrian bridge structure was lowered into place, parellel to the west side of the Humber River bridge on Queen Street. This feat, accomplished by a team of skilled workers and one very large crane, took only minutes to complete. Readying the crane with approximately 100 tons of counterweight took considerably longer and was just as interesting to watch in my humble opinion. Over the next few weeks the walkway will be finished and pedestrians will have a user-friendly 3-meter wide path to take them over the Humber. This pedestrian bridge is just one phase of the Bolton Feedermain Project that is winding through town and leaving many enhancements in its wake.

When the Humber River (roadway) bridge is rehabilitated, hopefully within the next 2 years, the old sidewalk on the west side will be decommissioned and the space gained will be utilized to widen the sidewalk on the east side of the bridge.

So to John Glass, Project Manager from the Region of Peel, and to Aecom, Develco, Ipex, and all the other hands involved, a big thank you and congratulations on a job well done!

(visit my FaceBook page to see photos)

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