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This February, Embrace Your Love of Books

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February is just around the corner. That means Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us – a day of romance and love. To celebrate, why not head on over to Caledon Public Library to pick up a ‘Blind Date with a Book’.

What’s a ‘Blind Date with a Book’? Books will be wrapped up with clues pertaining to what’s inside. Without seeing the cover, title or even the author, signing out a book will feel like going on a blind date. You never know what book you might end up signing out… it could be your new literary love! Choose the book with the description that appeals to you most and check it out with your library card.

All books will come with a book review. Rate the book and let us know if it was a match made in heaven! Your name will be entered in a grand prize draw. To make things sweeter this year, some of our Blind Date books will contain Golden Tickets hidden inside. Redeem your Golden Ticket to pick up a prize! Blind Date with a Book is a program that will be running all month long, from February 1st – February 28th.  Check out the display at any Caledon Public Library branch to sign out a book today!

In the meantime, cozy up with these teen romance novels and embrace your love of reading!

Happily Ever Afters

By: Elise Bryant

Tessa Johnson has never felt like the protagonist in her own life. The only place she’s a true leading lady is in her own writing. When Tessa is accepted into the creative writing program of a prestigious art school, the words are just…gone. Fortunately, Caroline, her best friend, has a solution: Tessa just needs to find some inspiration in a real-life love story of her own. Enter Nico, the brooding artist, who is cast as the perfect Prince Charming.


Love from A to Z

By: S.K. Ali

Eighteen-year-old Muslims Adam and Zayneb meet in Doha, Qatar, during spring break and fall in love as both struggle to find a way to live their own truths.





Fat Chance, Charlie Vega

By: Crystal Maldonado

Sixteen-year-old Charlie yearned for her first kiss while her perfect best friend, Amelia, fell in love, so when she finally starts dating and learns the boy asked Amelia out first, she is devastated.





I Wish You All the Best

By: Mason Deaver

When Ben De Backer comes out to his parents as nonbinary, he’s thrown out of their house and forced to move in with his estranged older sister, Hannah, and her husband, Thomas. Struggling with an anxiety disorder compounded by their parents’ rejection, they try to keep a low profile in a new school. But Ben’s attempts to survive the last half of senior year unnoticed are thwarted when Nathan Allan, a funny and charismatic student, decides to take Ben under his wing. As Ben and Nathan’s friendship grows, their feelings for each other begin to change.

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