The basket – A Poem By Carol Good

Basket with food items
Written by Carol Good

The following poem was written by Palgrave’s Carol Good, author of Alive & 65

Yes and no shoved into the same basket*
leaving little room for maybe
each day’s decisions jostled into place
and you carry on

Some days loosely rolling around
knocking into each other
lots of noise and commotion
little action

Then those other days
the basket is so jammed
you cannot shove in one more
and you stagger with the weight

When you get a chance
you take a quick glance
at others’ baskets
as they do the same

Curiosity about choices
bump into judgements
you re-examine yours
and claim its contents

* fragment from The Shopper by Naomi Shihab Nye

Carol Good​​
Transcribed May 2021

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