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The 3R’s Club Visits the Terra Cotta Inn

Grounds at Terra Cotta Inn
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Palgrave resident Bernie Rochon is a member of a local group that call themselves the 3R’s Club. The Club visits and reviews restaurants in Caledon plus those within a one hour’s drive radius of Hwy 50 and Hwy 9 (excluding Toronto). Thank you to Bernie and the rest of the 3R’s Club for this review and photos of the Terra Cotta Inn.

Terra Cotta Inn dining roomThe 3 R’s club is back at it for our first review for 2024. All 7 of us travelled this time to Terra Cotta, a ride of 33 minutes from our usual departing point Hwy 50 and 9 and visited the Terra Cotta Inn at 175 King Street.

The restaurant is situated on the banks of the Credit River with a large terrace leading to the banks of the river.

The walls of the 3 dining areas and the pub are totally graced by a full collection of exclusive original paintings. The tables are well set with comfortable padded chairs.

The dedicated service was done by Donna who invented a drink for some of our group that was not part of the menu. Thanks for that and much more Donna.

As you can see from the menu (shown below) this is a restaurant based on Italian food and cooking style. The prices for most items range from $20 to $52. The plating was very interesting and artistic for some of the selections.

We chose a cross section of the menu going from Caesar and Greek salads, French Onion soup, Mushrooms on Crostini, grilled black shrimps on penne pasta, Calf’s Liver with bacon and pearl onions. We even had the Fish/Chips prepared with very thin batter.

We were also served an outstanding breadbasket containing a small loaf of warm sliced multigrain bread which was exquisite.

All these items were given a high approval by all of us. The Calf’s Liver and the salads were particularly highly praised.

For the desserts they have a large selection and change on a daily basis. So they are not on the menu.  We ordered the Creme Brulee and Sticky Toffee Pudding. Both were very good.

The selection of wines and drinks is extensive but only 2 red wines and 2 white wines are available by the glass and expensive for only 6 ounces at $15. The service was quick and accurate.

All in all, we were all quite impressed by the food, the décor and the service.  We would highly recommend The Terra Cotta Inn.

Bernie Rochon



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