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Terra Cotta Group Takes Their Concerns To The CVC Board

Group of residents lining sidewalk holding signs
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Contributed photo above: Concerned residents of Terra Cotta held a community protest on Sunday December 10th calling for all levels of government to take action.

A group of concerned residents from Terra Cotta made a presentation to the Credit Valley Conservation Authority (CVC) Board the morning of Friday December 8th.

A press release from the group indicates the purpose of the presentation was to “clearly identify the seriousness of the impending environmental disaster caused by flood plain contamination in Terra Cotta and the requirement for the CVC to take immediate action.”

The release further stated that “The pressing issue raised was the impacts of illegal dumping of fill and gravel, vehicle storage, and other unpermitted activity, on the flood plain of the Credit River by HARGOBIND PURA INC. at 301 King Street in Terra Cotta. The CVC has already acknowledged this serious situation and issued a violation notice to the company with no apparent effect.”

The Terra Cotta residents say that in their presentation they confirmed to the Board that, with increasing frequency, a rapid thaw in the spring, combined with rainfall and frozen ground, results in massive blocks of ice and water flowing on to the flood plain.  “And when it does, inevitably this fill, the vehicles, and the materials from the structures built will be scraped off the contaminated flood plain and combine with the ice to form a dam at the bridge a short distance downstream.  The resulting flooding would cause devastating damage to the Credit River, its ecosystem, as well as land and residences in Terra Cotta. Damages could run into the millions of dollars.”

The release states that group recognizes that in some cases, Municipalities and Conservation Authorities may be exempt from liability when damage occurs, if the damage is considered an act of God.  It goes on to say that they believe however that “damage is only deemed an act of God when it is the result of an event that reasonably could not be anticipated.  In this case, historical seasonal patterns, compounded by changes already seen in the climate, suggest that the potential damage in Terra Cotta cannot only be anticipated, but expected.”

The group says they expect the Board to exercise its power under the Conservation Authorities Act to immediately levy fines and initiate proceedings to rehabilitate the “severely compromised flood plain.”

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