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Spring New Releases for Teens at CPL

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We received a large batch of teen fiction books last week of some notable Spring releases. Included is the anticipated new novel by Holly Jackson (Five Survive, The Good Girls Guide to Murder), some lesser known authors, and even one debut by Brooke Archer featuring a virus that brings the dead back to life! Here are five novels to look out for:

The Reappearance of Rachel Price | Caledon Public Library | BiblioCommons

The Reappearance of Rachel Price is the new book by Holly Jackson who wrote A Good Girls Guide to Murder which has frequently been featured in the most circulated teen books at CPL. In her new book, a young woman named Bel participates in a true crime documentary as the only witness to the disappearance of Rachel Price. But when Rachel reappears, Bel is suspicious and must solve the mystery while the cameras are still rolling. Jackson is a British author from Buckingham who also wrote Five Survive; this is her second standalone novel.

Darker by Four | Caledon Public Library | BiblioCommons

Darker by Four is a new fantasy novel that includes aspects of Chinese diaspora folklore. The fourth King of the underworld has disappeared sending the realm into chaos which – if unchecked – will extend to the human world. The story follows three characters either seeking revenge, serving the missing underworld King, or coping with being the only family member without and magical powers. June CL Tan is a Singaporean author of Jade Fire Gold and now Darker by Four, she is now living in New York City.

The Breakup Lists | Caledon Public Library | BiblioCommons

The Breakup Lists is a teen romance about a young stage manager named Jackson who has sworn off love and looks out for his sister by writing lists of everything that was wrong with her exes. But what happens when the leading man of school play breaks her heart and Jackson cannot bring himself to write the list? This is Adib Khorram’s second novel after the “Darius the Great is Not Okay” trilogy. His background is in technical theatre including a stint at Vancouver Film School which must have informed Jackson’s character!

Otherworldly | Caledon Public Library | BiblioCommons

Otherworldly features a young character named Ellery who rejects the belief in magic but wants to end the five-year winter that has plagued their family (understandably!). Knox is from another realm who is tasked with helping humans fulfill their crossroads bargains with demons. The two get intertwined and make a deal of their own to help Knox find his Queen and for Ellery to help their family.

Hearts Still Beating | Caledon Public Library | BiblioCommons

Hearts Still Beating is a teen romance between two best friends who haven’t seen each other since the apocalypse that brought the dead back to life. Mara is newly brought back to life by a cure and enters a resettlement program for the undead which places her back with the only girl she has ever loved. Not everybody supports the resettlement program and the girls must fight to stay together and reclaim their past. This is Brooke Archer’s first published novel.

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