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Spring Battery Collection is Back in Peel

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Get your batteries ready for pickup!  

Peel Region will be collecting single-use and rechargeable batteries at the curb starting April 8. 

Find out your battery pickup day by checking your waste collection calendar. 

Here’s how to prepare and set out your batteries for collection: 

·          Put your used single-use and rechargeable batteries in a transparent, sealed bag. 

·          Tape the ends of all rechargeable and 9V batteries. 

·          On your battery pickup day, place your battery bag on top of your closed green bin. If you don’t have a green bin, place your battery bag beside your recycling bags. 

Thanks to Peel residents, we’ve collected over 211,000 kgs of batteries that could have otherwise ended up in the landfill. 

If you miss your battery pickup day, don’t worry. Check to find a drop-off location near you to safely dispose of used and old batteries throughout the year. 

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