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Special Announcements for This Year’s Bethell Hospice Hike

Bethell Hospice Hikers
Written by Patti Foley

Bethell Hospice has a couple of exciting announcements to share regarding the May 5th 2024 Hike.

This year registration is free! As well there is a special early bird draw for those who register online before March 15th. The prize is a $500 gift card for a one night stay and complementary breakfast at the beautiful Mount Alverno Luxury Resort.

Last year the Hike raised over $225,000 for Bethell Hospice Foundation, supporting those in need of Bethell’s community programs and hospice residence care. As one of their largest fundraising initiatives, this event significantly contributes to the Foundation’s annual $1.7M goal.

Your support this year is essential to ensure the care of Bethell Hospice can continue. Please register early to show your support for this beloved hospice.

This year’s official hike commences on Sunday, May 5th to coincide with the beginning of National Hospice & Palliative Care Week. The in-person event will take place at Lloyd Wilson Centennial Arena in Inglewood on that date. Hikers who cannot attend are able to choose to complete their own independent hike at any time during the month of May.

Don’t forget to REGISTER before March 15th to be entered for the early bird draw!


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