Skipping Home Inspections Is A Worrying Trend

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The following article was submitted to JSC by HMP Home Inspections. Steve Pockett is a resident of Inglewood and HMP operates from several locations.

In recent times Steve Pockett of HMP Home Inspections has witnessed a particularly worrying trend. Homebuyers are skipping a step! Anxious to get into the housing market many are simply going in blind. We all know this can be a very expensive mistake.

When you buy a car, having a safety check is a must – in fact, it’s the law before a vehicle can change hands. When you buy a boat, a detailed marine survey ensures a boat is sea-worthy, water-tight, and reliable. Buying a home should be no different. A purchase of this magnitude is the single most expensive item we buy in our lifetime.  So why are people rushing in to buy a property, without knowing what they are spending their money on?

A home inspection with a qualified, experienced professional inspector with a good reputation flushes out issues with roof, exterior, structural, electrical, heating, cooling, insulation, plumbing and interior.

Steve Pockett, 16-year veteran with HMP Home Inspections says,

“Often at a glance, I can spot an issue or concern that may not be obvious. My long-standing experience in this business means I know where and what to look for. With my experience and specialized equipment (thermal camera and moisture meter), I can spot almost instantly many possible issues! In the short space over the last year or so, I’ve seen several “nightmare” situations.”

The worrying trend that Pockett is seeing currently is when homebuyers rushing to buy a property then discover horrid situations after closing. If there are major problems, they will need to be rectified in order to obtain proper home insurance, and not all buyers can afford big mistakes.

Continues Pockett, “One recent property was found to have out-of-date wiring. Aluminum wiring, ungrounded wiring, and Knob and Tube wiring or even in sufficient amperage wiring can prove to be very expensive to correct. The majority of Insurance companies require you to have these updates in place to have the house insurable.”

Finding leaks in the roof, or dampness in the basement are not cheap fixes either.

“But it is not just myself highlighting these unusual times, I saw Jeff McArthur on 640 Toronto, interviewing Peter Weeks, President of Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors, and he was outlined how he felt home-buyers were heading for trouble. My advice is to arrange a full home inspection before you buy.”

Lately as buyers find themselves in a bidding race for a property, offers with “conditions” (such as finance or inspection), are usually the first to be thrown out of the running!  For people in this situation, Pockett has created a temporary backup solution that he says may be an option. If it is not possible to have a full home inspection, in these circumstances only, and although not ideal, the purchaser could arrange a “viewing” and bring along your home inspector in a consultation service capacity, rather than a full inspection. An experienced inspector is more likely to spot difficulties than you. It’s a stop-gap measure, but better than nothing!

Upon closing one can then arrange a full home inspection, again this will give details in readiness for your insurance company. If a mortgage is achieved through CMHC, buyers should be aware home insurance is a must, and anything that is out-of-line will need to be fixed/corrected before insurance coverage can be achieved.

Owners who are selling have options too, they can arrange pre-listing inspections, and sell their property with peace of mind, or arrange to fix any issues discovered, if they choose. This pre-listing inspection may also entice nervous buyers to the table, if they know exactly what they are dealing with.

A country property inspection is slightly different. There are three aspects to the inspection, and three professionals will arrive! One each for the well and septic bed as well as the main home inspector.

Pockett continues, “I am hoping the market will change, and settle down again, thus allowing buyers the safety-net of property inspections with a reputable professional to protect their investment to avoid hefty and unwanted bills! As a home inspector, we know there is always a buyer for everything out there – just as long as everyone knows what they are buying. My ideal role is ensuring consumer protection.”

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