Skid’s Pick: Let’s Get It Right This Time!

Written by Skid Crease

Over the last few weeks I have read every response that has come in to Just Sayin’ Caledon from our prospective provincial candidates. Three responded to the first set of topics with our current MPP being conspicuously absent. All four leading party candidates did respond to the second set of questions again with the exception of our current MPP, who did not respond the question about Proportional Representation. MPP Jones was the only candidate in favour of the strongly opposed Hwy 413.

I made the decision to interview the person I felt answered most thoroughly, honestly and thoughtfully. And so, I called Laura Campbell the Ontario Green Party candidate, my personal pick for our next MPP.

What came across in that phone call was her engaged and informed response. Not only that but her genuine care and concern for our community. I expected her to be tuned in to the environmental issues but what surprised me was her passion on social justice issues like long term care for seniors and affordable housing for all segments of the community who need it.

Laura Campbell, Green partyI knew the Green Party stance on the 413 because Mike Schreiner was the only leader who articulated a clear response to my challenge which was “show me alternatives.” Of course that involved buying back the 407 and having a dedicated truck lane, a viable public transportation system from Caledon to GO and TTC hubs, and sustainable mobility policies for our local towns.

Laura was up to date on all of her information but she really got engaged when talking about long term care. “It is simply morally wrong to treat our seniors this way and profit off their care” she stated emphatically. Laura feels that all long term care should be in public hands with appropriately reimbursed staff and sufficient numbers of them to provide the highest quality of care.

She points out that currently private long term care are permitted to do much of their own standards monitoring, such as for food safety. She felt this is scandalous since as an owner of her own restaurant she knows first hand how strict her inspectors are. But since private long term care homes can self-monitor they can give themselves their own food safety and quality of care passes.

“Why,” she wanted to know  “is the Ford government giving donations of public tax dollars to private long term care facilities and not to public ones like Dufferin Oaks?”

Laura was also committed to a push for affordable housing, infilling rather than gobbling up more green space for big developer projects and more expensive homes.

The topic of MZOs also came up on her to-do list. “The Ford government has issued more MZOs in the past few years than any other term of government I can remember.” MZOs are supposed to be used as emergency orders to fulfill an urgent need for a municipality. Not a fast track for development projects that hit red tape snags.

Laura’s top priorities are stopping the flood of MZOs, sustainable transportation, transitioning private long term care back into completely public hands, and the conservation of our green space.

So, Laura Campbell is my pick for MPP – smart, passionate, and genuinely caring about our community. She would be a voice I could respect and trust to represent Dufferin-Caledon.

The way I see it.

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