Savour a Sweet Bite in Bolton’s Downtown

Baked goods at Navita
Written by Christine Cooper

Just Sayin’ extends thanks to local food-blogger Christine Cooper for her review of Bolton’s newest eatery Navita Cafe and Bakery…

If anyone thinks for a second that the downtown core of Bolton is going to wreck and ruin I would suggest to them that they visit the newest addition to the core, Navita, which now occupies the former Baffo’s space. The name Navita is a play on Italian slang, sort of the equivalent of “joie de vivre”, in essence, a joy of life. Navita delivers lots of joy and plenty of deliciousness.

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The street level of Navita is a casual, breezy, laid back café where the sweets are abundant and the Americano & Lattes flow. The pastries, cakes, cookies, bars, custard tarts are vibrantly displayed, teasing you as you walk past them. Sticking to fairly traditional Italian bakery faire, I am delighted to see that the baked goods aren’t the standard “bake off” mix you usually find. I also couldn’t help but to notice the juicing machine so I’m delighted to know that I can get a glass of fresh pressed orange juice. Fingers crossed that Wi-Fi will be offered at the café because I have the feeling Navita could turn in to my “le petite dejeuner” morning spot, where I can work for an hour while indulging in a croissant and a Latte Macchiato.

The esthetics of the space is stunning. The use of polished concrete around the base of the main counter brings a real air of modern sophistication but at the same time keep it funky. The slate grey stone trim and the drum lighting all add to the ambience. Jazz and blues playing softly in the background make sitting there, indulging in some coffee (yes, the Americano had that gorgeous ring of brown foam on it) and savouring a sweet bite, make Navita a great spot to kick back. Patio chairs and tables are already set up outside awaiting your arrival. This pretty patch is breathing new life in to the core of the four corners.

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While the front end of the house is all about the sweet tooth, the bakery will be located on the backside of the building, where you can enter from the back parking lot. There will be an assortment of breads, buns, pizza and a few other offerings such as Paninis and some hot food.

I was delighted to learn that the street level section of Navita will be licensed and will have a couple of taps and a few libations available. A girl can only dream of having her Bellini down there in the four corners while noshing on some savoury focaccia from the backroom bakery.

Navita Café & Bakery is located at 31 Queen St. North. Open daily 7:00 a.m – 10:00 p.m.

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Christine Cooper

A long time food advocate and proponent of supporting local food movements, Christine takes her fork on the road to share her food adventures. 

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  • It sounds wonderful. It is a definitely a spot I will be checking out very soon for a latte! Great to see you keeping us locals up to date on what is new in town Patti. I wish you were still in office! You did an amazing job helping with the who Humber river disaster!

  • Well, I didn’t wait to try it out! perhaps its growing pains, perhaps it because it is mother days, maybe it was just too early in the morning…I will give it a second chance because I am desperate for a good coffee in Bolton (and frankly hope the dinner experience is ‘classy’).

    I was totally underwhelmed this morning with both coffee and pastries….

    Will try again next week.

  • Was ok but right now if someone asked me where to have a quick lunch I would not recommend it. Pizza was suppose to be margarita, was just cheese. Never got the coffee I asked for, desserts were ok but server didnt know what some of them were. Daughter asked for a chai tea latte, was told she didn’t know how to make it even though they have latte coffee and did have chair tea. What I didn’t like was that they rounded up everything on the bill plus added a couple of cents and called it extra item – rounding-non inventory. Put in the exact amount of the item as far as I’m concerned. Then let the customer round up or down. Whichever way it should go. I will try the restaurant when it opens though. I’m hoping this is just growing pains and that the training will improve.

  • My mother and I just had lunch there today. My mother ordered the “porchetta” sandwich, and it was awful. It was literally a bun with greens and ONE slice of deli meat. She sent it back. Clearly the chef does not know what a porchetta sandwich is!!

    I ordered a margherita pizza and they said they only had the large (dinner?) size, not individual size. I guess this means they are not making the pizzas fresh, otherwise if you have the dough to make a large pizza I’m assuming you can make a small pizza?!!

    The desserts, coffee and decor are ok, but the limited menu is overpriced. I want to like this place, but won’t be going back unless they get a new chef that knows how to cook.