Saving The Planet? One Step Forward. Two Steps Back.

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Written by Skid Crease

This Monday I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Patricia Ogura for the Retired Teachers of Ontario organization. Her brief article is about the quest for environmental literacy and the contribution that the retired educational “elders” can make for our communities and our planet. We spoke about my years of advocacy, and reflected on the need to keep this Earth Day message positive. The truth is, we’re all going to die.

I reflected back to my first Earth Day walk with my students in 1970. How much has changed in fifty-one years? Turns out, not a lot. The most significant impact for environmental improvement has been the arrival of a deadly virus that dramatically slowed manufacturing and transportation pollution. The COVID-19 pandemic also reduced air travel and ocean travel – atmospheric air quality improvement and whale population resurgence followed in the wake of human inactivity.

Fifty-one years later we are still talking about boomerang lunches and taking our own reusable mugs and shopping bags as if we had just discovered these personal actions. A TV show this morning showed children happily making art from recycling box items. Makes us feel personally good for one day, and then it’s back to the shopping centre to buy more “stuff” that will end up in the recycling box or garage can.

Dear readers, think of this like the solution for stopping the pandemic. You stop the opportunities for person-to-person transmission, mask, distance, wash hands, and keep to small family/personal bubbles. Period. The vaccines will only work if all those basic steps are followed. And there is no vaccine for human stupidity.

You want to save humanity and leave a healthy biosphere on the planet? Then humans need to stop consuming the planet’s resources like we have an additional six planets waiting in reserve. Before it was disbanded by Stephen Harper, Canada had a wonderful Science Council made up of real practicing, published and peer reviewed scientists. They advocated for turning Canada from a Consumer to a Conserver Society. That is anathema to the Conservative mindset.

Just recently the Conservative Party of Canada voted at their policy Convention NOT to acknowledge the reality of Climate Change. That is how far we have come in fifty years. One step forward, two steps back.

Wonderful groups from Students on Ice to Ontario Nature try their best to educate a concerned and passionate youth about using their voices to inspire change in their communities. In 1992, we had teen Severn Suzuki shaming adults on the world stage. In 2005, we had the Students on Ice delegation present their polar findings to the Montreal Biodiversity Convention – Stephen Harper shamed Canada by shredding that UN agreement the next year.  In 2020, we had teen Greta Thunberg shaming adults on the world stage. Pat on the head and back to big business.

My conversation with Patricia was honest. We do these personal role modelling efforts – walk, cycle, electric car, reusable materials, sustainable renewable energy sources, doing business with ethical companies, living elegantly with less, so that we can look our children, and our neighbours’ children, in the eye and say, “I tried my best.”

In the meantime, in business and politics, the Economy trumps Ecology every time … until there is an overshoot and the biological collapse of some major Earth system. That’s when the punch that was predicted in1988 by the World Meteorological Organization hits us right in the face.

“Humankind is conducting an unintended, uncontrolled, all-pervasive experiment on the atmosphere of the Earth, the consequences of which will be second only to global nuclear war.” Concluding statement from WMO, Toronto, 1988

Happy Earth Day 2021. I’m taking my dog for a walk. And smiling from behind my mask at all my good neighbours


The way I see it.


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