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Written by Patti Foley

Did you know Right at Home Canada (RAH) has a Caledon location? RAH provides a broad range of care services that include personal care and hygiene, physical assistance, post-accident care, hospital discharge care, mental health, paraplegia, dementia, cancer recovery, and more. Recently JSC spoke with Ash Walani, Care Office Owner, and Bolton resident Tammy Elliott, Community Relations Ambassador.

JSC: What type/range of services does Right at Home Canada provide?

Ash Walani, owner of Right at Home Caledon in company van

Ash Walani, owner of Right at Home Caledon in company van

AW: “We offer a full range of support from companionship, to personal care, nursing and end of life support.”

JSC: Is care limited to home settings only?

AW: “Care is provided wherever our clients call home.  We have been called into Long Term Care facilities for example.  We had a recent situation where the adult sons of a client called us in to be with their mom at a Bolton nursing home.  Their mom had Alzheimer’s disease and was forgetting to eat.  She was losing weight rapidly.  They had a Right at Home Caregiver be with her to remind her to eat.  There is not enough staff at the nursing home to give their mom undivided attention.  We get calls from clients when the service the OHT (previously LHIN) is not enough and they need flexible, custom care.”

JSC: Typically, what type of training does a caregiver have? And is there ongoing training?

Tammy Elliott, Right At Home Caledon, Community Relations Ambassador

Tammy Elliott, Right At Home Caledon, Community Relations Ambassador

TE: “The Right at Home staff onboarding is above industry standards.  For example, as a companion caregiver, there is an expectation that I am First Aid Certified.  This not a mandatory requirement in the homecare industry.  My onboard training was exceptional.  I’m impressed with the education I have received on how to “break the chain of viral transmission” which has been especially helpful during the pandemic.  We are consistently offered continued education.  For example, I’m now enrolled in a 4-week course called “Preventing Dementia” that starts next month.  Our Nurses and PSW are professionally trained and expected to stay current by being active in their associations.”

JSC: Are caregivers bonded?

AW: “Yes. We have background security and criminal checks.”

JSW: Is there a requirement for a minimum length of care?

TE: “Clients do not have to commit to a certain number of hours.  We often get called in to support clients who have been in an accident and just need extra support while they heal.”

JSC: Are errands and transportation part of the services that can be provided?

Office owner in meeting with planner manager

Crystal Cole, Right at Home Caledon’s Care Planner Manager, in meeting with office Owner Ash Walani

TE: “Absolutely.  I’m a companion caregiver Patti, and part of my role is to run errands for clients who can’t drive.  If they are feeling well, they enjoy coming with me. As well, we do provide a separate service for clients who just want transportation.  This is helpful for clients who need rides to their doctor’s appointments and have the security of a trained PSW with them.”

JSC: What are the geographic boundaries of your RAH Caledon/Orangeville/Brampton West office?

AW: “We have 40 care offices all over Ontario.  Therefore, boundaries are not important because when a client calls, we will ensure the closest care office will be ready to service with the right caregivers in that particular area ready to go.”

JSC: What Covid-19 protocols are in place to protect clients and staff?

TE: “Our Care Planning needed to adapt to the changing needs of the Pandemic.  For example, if a PSW was caring for a Covid client, he/she was considered a Covid Caregiver and could not cross over to care for non-Covid clients.  As a caregiver myself, I was provided extra training to break the chain of viral transition in the home.  We now provide extra sanitation to high hand traffic areas like door handles and light switches.  PPE protocol has increased to include face screens.  Right at Home was also called on to do workforce screening to prevent the outbreak of the virus in the workplace.”

Worker and client sorting medications

Right at Home staff can help where assistance with medications is needed

JSC: What is the cost for the service?

AW: “Depending on the care needed, the cost is an average of $37 an hour.  This is typical of the industry.  Clients who are quoted a much lower rate would benefit from knowing the onboarding/training process and designation of the caregivers they are considering hiring.”

JSC: Is any portion of the cost possibly covered or refundable in some way?

TE: “Clients reach out to us after they determine what free government and community service is available to them.  They choose to pay for private care because their loved ones are needing extra support.  At no charge, a Right at Home Care Planner can provide a consult on the all the support options available.  There is no pressure to sign up for private care.”

JSC: What is the first step if someone wants to make an inquiry?

AW: “They can call our head office at 1-855-983-HOME (4663) and the Care Planner for the closest Care Office will return their call immediately.  The Care Planner will help the individual navigate through all the services available to them through the OHT (LHIN), local community support and Right at Home private care.”

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