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Region of Peel’s 2023 Budget Approved by Council

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Regional Council approved the 2023 Operating and Capital Budget, investing in the community and preparing Peel for the future.

The development of the 2023 Budget was guided by the strategic plan, with priority focused on the challenges Peel is facing as a growing community with increased service demands. Ongoing challenges include heightened inflation, supply chain issues, and changing legislation (specifically Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022 which will see changes to the way that municipalities can collect development charges to fund infrastructure).

The 2023 Budget includes a property tax increase of 2.8 per cent for the Regional portion. This will contribute an annual increase to the typical residential property and commercial/industrial property tax bills of $144 and $255 respectively.

Additionally, the average home will see an increase to their utility bill of 16¢ per day (or $58 per year), while the average commercial/industrial property will see an increase of 42¢ per day (or $152 per year).

Community Investments Overview

The 2023 Budget includes investments of $5.0 billion to maintain current service levels for a growing population, while addressing priority community needs. Critical urgent needs being addressed include:

  • Increased investment in public safety including police and paramedic services
  • Housing affordability
  • Stabilization of Public Health service delivery to sustain immunization services
  • Programming to eliminate systemic discrimination
  • Climate change initiatives (a regionally declared emergency)
  • Psychological health and well-being initiatives

Service investments to support the community

Peel Regional Police

Ontario Provincial Police – Town of Caledon

Paramedic Services

  • Addition of 44 new paramedics to address the growth in call volume and four more 24/7 ambulances on the road
  • Land acquisition for sixth reporting station and one additional satellite station
  • Enhancements and state of good repair for ambulances, other fleet, and equipment
  • New ambulances and equipment replacements to support growth
  • 2023-2026 Paramedic Services Business Plan and 2023 Budget

Housing Support

  • Implementing the Housing Master Plan to create more affordable housing
  • Grants for developers to create more affordable rental housing units
  • The Wilkinson Road Men’s Shelter Redevelopment to reduce street homelessness
  • Ensuring the state of good repair of the Peel Living housing stock
  • 2023-2026 Housing Support Business Plan and 2023 Budget

Waste Management

Seniors Services

  • Expansion of the virtual delivery of Adult Day Services and introduction of short-stay respite, supporting the operationalization of the Seniors Health and Wellness Village
  • Replacement of kitchen appliances, flooring, washrooms, and furniture across various Long Term Care Homes
  • 2023-2026 Seniors Services Business Plan and 2023 Budget

Public Health

  • A new immunization program to prevent and control COVID-19 and provide stability to meet projected COVID-19 vaccination demands
  • Increased capacity to work with community partners on Community Safety and Wellbeing
  • Three clinics for the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program
  • 2023-2026 Public Health Business Plan and 2023 Budget

Early Years and Child Care

Water and Wastewater

  • Additional operating resources to address growth demands
  • A health and safety specialist to ensure the effective management of Health and Safety requirements
  • Billing system upgrades to address software security challenges
  • Installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure at various Public Works facilities to support Peel’s greenhouse gas reduction targets
  • Various water main replacements and construction, pumping station rehabilitation and expansions, and expansion of Water Resource Recovery Facilities
  • 2023-2026 Water and Wastewater Business Plan and 2023 Budget


  • Support to negotiate agreements with Metrolinx to expedite the implementation of higher order transit, and protect Regional infrastructure
  • Funding for road construction, road resurfacing, intersection improvements, and active transportation
  • Rehabilitation and upgrades to the Region’s stormwater system to adapt to climate change impacts
  • Conversions and replacements of various Noise Walls abutting Regional Roads across Peel
  • 2023-2026 Transportation Business Plan and 2023 Budget

To address the challenges being faced, the 2023 Budget also reflects $4.0 million in savings and cost avoidances found through continuous improvement efforts and cost containment measures. The Continuous Improvement Program contributes to a strong culture of driving value, efficiency, and innovations at all levels of the organization and is directly tied to the Region’s annual budget process.

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