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Reading List to Celebrate International Women’s Day All Month Long

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March 8th was International Women’s Day (IWD). The day is always a great opportunity to recognize the social, economic, cultural, and political impact of women across the world. 

One such incredible woman is Canada’s own Sarah Polley! The acclaimed screenwriter, director, and actor recently took home the Oscar for best adapted screenplay for “Women Talking”. Polley has been a very familiar face to Canadians for decades now, getting nationwide recognition on popular CBC series “Road to Avonlea”. To learn more about Polley, check out her insightful memoir Run Towards the Danger. In 6 separate essays, Polley reflects on stories from her own life ranging from stage fright to traumatic injury. A truly thought-provoking memoir from a Canadian gem.

Celebrate International Women’s Day, all month long by diving into thought-provoking reads. From the real-life perseverance of Canadian icons, to the inspiring courage of women in literature, there is something for everyone to help them get going on their reading journey.

Playing the Long Game by Christine Sinclair

Olympic gold-medalist, Christine Sinclair reflects on her ground-breaking career in this inspiring autobiography. A true Canadian icon for many girls and women, Canadian soccer and female sports would not be the same without Sinclair’s amazing persistence and leadership.

Women in White Coats by Olivia Campbell 

An inspiring read that highlights the lives of the first three women, Elizabeth Blackwell, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, and Sophia Jex-Blake, who became licensed doctors in the western world and paved the way for equality for women in the medical field. For fans of Hidden Figures and  Radium Girls, this story of these trailblazing women is sure to make an informative and entertaining read.

The Girls in the Wild Fig Tree by Nice Leng’ete

An inspirational autobiography of a girl, who helped change the minds of her elders, reformed traditions, and is creating a better future for girls and women throughout Africa. This is an emotional and inspiring memoir from a human rights activist who has devoted her life to fighting for female rights.

Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan 

A lyrical and richly detailed debut novel, in which a young woman embarks on quest to save her family from cruel immortal forces. For those that love fantasy, check out this Chinese folklore inspired read with powerful female characters.

Women Talking by Miriam Toews

This thought-provoking and hard read, displays the real strength of women in a small Mennonite community when faced with horrific crimes committed by those closest to them. This novel, inspired by a true story, was made into the Oscar nominated film of the same name by Sarah Polley.

Daughters of the Deer by Danielle Daniel 

In Daniel’s moving novel, Marie, an Algonquin woman of the Weskarini Deer Clan, who lost her first husband and children to a raid, marries a former French soldier for the sake of the clan. Jeanne, their first child, is caught between worlds. A haunting read that poignantly imagines the origin of the long history of violence against Indigenous women and the deliberate, violent disruption of First Nations culture.

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Happy Reading!

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