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Public Meeting: Bolton Residential Expansion – BRES Option 3

BRES option 3
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Image (above) Credit: Town of Caledon

A Public Meeting will be held to consider a proposed Official Plan Amendment application.

Public Meeting:  May 2, 2023 at 7:00 pm

Proposed Changes

The applicant is proposing to amend the Official Plan to expand the boundaries of the (Bolton) Rural Service Centre as outlined in the Town’s Official Plan. This amendment is intended to establish the policy framework to create a mixed-use community by designating the subject lands to permit a range of residential, commercial, employment, institutional, open space, environmental and transit supportive mixed uses.


The Town of Caledon received an application to amend the Town’s Official Plan in February 2021. In the original submission, the applicant proposed to expand the Bolton Rural Service Centre that went beyond the approved Urban Boundary (Rural Service Centre limits of Bolton) as defined at that time in the Regional Official Plan.  In order to conform to the Regional Plan, in October 2021, the applicant revised the application by scoping it to only those lands within the established Urban Boundary. A Public Meeting for the scoped proposal was held on November 9, 2021.

On November 4, 2022, the Province approved the new Region of Peel Official Plan and all lands that were the subject of the original February 2021 proposal were included in the Urban Boundary.  As a result, the applicant has again revised the application to encompass all lands in the original February 2021 submission. The purpose was to establish a mixed-use community on lands generally located north of King Street, between Humber Station Road and The Gore Road.

At the Statutory Public Meeting held on January 10, 2023, Planning and Development Committee gave direction to hold a second Public Meeting so that additional information can be provided to the residents with respect to this file. This meeting is being held because of that request.

Although a second Public Meeting is being held to provide information on the application, a decision to approve or refuse the application will not be made at this meeting.

The proposed land use plan has been included in this notice and is available online at

The full Notice of Public Meeting can be found on the Town’s website

Lead Planner

Carmine Caruso
Senior Planner
Development and Design
Town of Caledon
905-584-2272 x.4258

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