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Proud of Queen Street Improvements

Proud of Queen Street Improvements

On Monday, January 14, 2013, Mayor Morrison, Councillors Foley and Mezzapelli, along with community leaders Jerry Gorman and Jimmy Pountney, unveiled newly installed safety improvements in Bolton, including the new Humber River pedestrian bridge with lighting and sidewalks and lighting on the west side of Highway 50 between Hickman Street and Cross Country Boulevard and on the east side of Highway 50 between Bolton Heights Drive and Columbia Way.

The new bridge provides pedestrians with a separate walkway across the Humber River away from the existing vehicle bridge. The sidewalks and lighting improves access and visibility for pedestrians at night.

These safety improvements are part of the North Bolton Feedermain and Elevated Water Tank Project which will provide a secure water supply and pressure stabilization, as well as water storage for firefighting and emergencies for existing and approved planned population growth in Bolton and the north part of Brampton, south of Mayfield Road. The project began in 2012 and is expected to be completed in 2014.
Photo: l-r: Patti Foley, Regional Councillor, Isabelle Bottoms, area resident,​​ Marolyn Morrison, Mayor, Town of Caledon, Rob Mezzapelli, Area Councillor, Jimmy Pountney, Chair, Bolton Business Improvement Association, Jerry Gorman, Chair, Bolton Community Action Steering Committee, John Glass, Project Manager, Water Division, Region of Peel, Mark Schiller, Executive Director of Water and Wastewater, Region of Peel and Ty Jardine, Technical Analyst, Region of Peel.

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