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Project 10-4

“PROJECT 10-4”

(CALEDON, ON) – The Caledon Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is pleased to announce a policing partnership developed to reduce the number of aggressive drivers on Highway 10, thus reducing motor vehicle collisions. The initiative labelled “Project 10-4” will be an education, awareness and enforcement campaign for Highway 10 motorists involving the four police services of jurisdiction: OPP, Owen Sound Police Service, Peel Regional Police Service and Shelburne Police Service. The goal of this initiative is to make Highway 10 a safer place to drive with the combined efforts of the involved police agencies.

In police jargon, 10-4 refers to message understood, received and acknowledged. The involved agencies want the motoring public to know that during the week of June 10th to the 14th inclusive, more police presence will be seen on Highway 10. Officers will be enforcing aggressive driving behaviours which may include but not limited to speeding, inattentive driving, seat belt enforcement and the move over legislation, just to name a few.

“Project 10-4” will be enforced the entire 170 km stretch of Highway 10 from Mississauga to Owen Sound.

“This initiative will reinforce the need to educate the public on the dangers of displaying aggressive driving behaviours on our roadways. OPP statistics from 2011 and 2012 indicate that we investigated over 560 motor vehicle collisions on the portions of OPP patrolled Highway 10. All police agencies are committed to reducing the number of vehicle collisions, injuries and deaths on our highways and we are pleased to partner with our neighbouring police partners to get the message across”, says Inspector Rose DiMarco, Detachment Commander of the Caledon Detachment.

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Contact:​Provincial Constable Brenda Evans
CSO/Media Officer
​Caledon Community Policing
Phone: ​(905) 584-2241 / (647) 389-8300

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