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Written by Carol Good

Graphics supplied by League of Canadian Poets

April is National Poetry Month. The League of Canadian Poets (LCP) chose Joy La Joie as this year’s theme. Poets and poetry enthusiasts were invited to share what joy means to them and produced this:

joy is. reading by a window with a soft blanket. an old plant with a new bloom. a completed to-do-list. the first big snowfall. banana bread in the oven. the squeak of sand under bare feet. a cat purring on my lap. finding the perfect GIF to send to the groupchat. a hot cup of coffee. filling the page with unplanned words. freshly painted nails. still and quiet moments of solitude, when all there is to do is rest. cold, crisp mornings. the careful turn of an old book’s pages. a fresh bowl of ramen. feeling blessed and loved. setting a personal best. my favourite pair of sneakers. planting vegetables in the garden. sitting on the couch doing nothing, partner on one side, dog on the other. the crack of a home run. a warm cup of milky Earl Grey. a sunset from a plane window.

As both a poet and a poetry enthusiast, I have a few joyful items to  add:
noticing something inspiring in my everyday. reading aloud a poem-in-progress to another poet. learning that my words touched another person. listening to another’s heartfelt written work.

I will wrap-up by wishing you joy and quoting Mary Oliver, Pulitzer Prize-winning Poet:

“Instructions for living a life. 
Pay attention. 
Be astonished. 
Tell about it.”


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