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Pitch-in with Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons and Pitch In
Written by Patti Foley

Brad Stafford, owner of our local Tim Hortons’ stores reports that success of previous years’ Tim Hortons’ Community Clean-ups have helped lead the company to forge a new partnership with PITCH-IN Canada and expand these cleanups nationally with a new PITCH-IN Week sponsorship. Tim Hortons is the title sponsor of PITCH-IN Week, which will take place April 17th-23rd and overlap with Earth Day on April 22nd, 2016.

Tim Hortons and PITCH-IN Canada are set to support over 15,000 clean-ups with more than 725,000 volunteers cleaning up over 3 MILLION pounds of garbage.  This will make PITCH-IN Week the largest environmental improvement campaign in the country.

Unlike previous Tim Hortons community clean-ups, this new program involves community groups registering for a clean-up through PITCH-IN Canada. Once registered, PITCH-IN Canada will send each group complimentary garbage and recycling bags depending on the size of your clean up initiative.

Participating in PITCH-IN Week allows people across the country to be a part of a true Canadian tradition that has been keeping communities clean for 49 years. With the help of Tim Hortons, PITCH-IN Canada is able to grow their PITCH-IN Week to cover all provinces and truly make this clean up, coast-to-coast.

To register your community group for PITCH-IN Week proudly sponsored by Tim Hortons, please go to to register online OR print out the registration form and fax/mail it in to PITCH-IN Canada.

Community groups can vary in size from having a family clean up to having an entire school help beautify the environment. To further support the campaign, consider ordering a 2016 PITCH-IN Week crest or flying a PITCH-IN Week flag in your community. Lastly, get a certificate of participation for every volunteer at to commemorate the event and keep the tradition alive.

Help Tim Hortons and PITCH-IN Canada beautify thousands of cities across Canada!

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