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Peel’s 2022 Continuous Improvement Program Achieves Improved Service Delivery

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The Region of Peel remains committed to delivering services that are effective and efficient. The Region’s Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) delivers improved service outcomes that provide value for tax dollars and contribute to advancing the Region’s Strategic Plan and vision of Community for Life.     

In 2022, a total of 40 CIP initiatives were completed by the Region contributing to cost savings of $3.6 million and cost avoidance of $7.1 million. Benefits, such as improved client experience and employee well-being, were also realized.

Some of the notable initiatives completed include:

  • Procuring a contract with a vendor to deliver a new Homelessness shelter operating model that is client-centric, outcome-focused and aligned to the Housing needs-based approach, which resulted in $2.0 million in cost savings.  
  • Reducing energy use on peak demand days at Water and Wastewater facilities and working in partnership with the Province to receive lower electricity fee rates, which resulted in a cost avoidance of $6.6 million.  
  • Improvements to processes in Long Term Care homes to detect infections sooner and to improve infection control practices to reduce potential outbreaks. 
  • Technology improvements in Corporate Services including Communications, Legal, Finance, Procurement, Information Management and Enterprise Asset Management helped increase employee productivity, transparency, and access to information.

These cost savings and cost avoidance are reflected in the Region’s 2023 budget.

“The Region is always looking for ways to improve services in our community. This year’s Continuous Improvement Program results show our ongoing commitment to building a Region with services that respond to people’s diverse needs and with an eye to ensuring their tax dollars are effectively spent.”

Gary Kent, Chief Financial Officer and Commissioner of Corporate Services

The Region’s Continuous Improvement Program also played a critical role in the Mass Vaccination Program in providing COVID-19 vaccinations to residents through fixed and mobile clinics and at Long Term Care homes. Improvements were made to increase clinic capacity while reducing costs and keeping employees and residents safe.

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