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Peel Wins Government Leadership Award From the Canada Green Building Council

Peel Government Leadership Award
Submitted to Just Sayin' Caledon

Peel Region has been awarded the Government Leadership Award by the 2024 Canada Green Building Council Awards.

The Government Leadership Award recognizes a deserving individual, team, department, or organization that has developed policies and/or programs to advance green building in Canada.

Peel Region’s Office of Climate Change and Energy Management has been recognized under this category for its role in developing the corporate Net Zero Emissions (NZE) New Construction Policy and Standard. As a direct result of this work, there are now eight new corporate buildings being designed and built in Peel to the NZE standard.

Development and implementation of the NZE New Construction Policy and Standard has demonstrated Peel’s leadership in the public sector to effect change, improve performance, and advance Net Zero Emissions building practices.

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