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Peel Virtual Tour Wins Municipal Waste Association Gold Award

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Peel Region’s virtual waste facility tours recently won the Municipal Waste Association’s gold award for Promotion and Education in the Community Engagement and Outreach Program category.

The tours allow users to explore Peel’s recycling facility, organics processing facility, and waste transfer station through 360⁰ views of the facilities, videos, and interesting facts about waste management in Peel.

“This is exciting news and I would like to congratulate our Public Education and Outreach team for doing such a wonderful job with the virtual tours. The goal of the virtual tours is to provide students and residents with a better understanding of waste management processes and encourage correct sorting practices,” Erwin Pascual, Manager – Waste Planning, Peel Region, says.

The virtual waste tours were created to replace the in-person school tours of the Peel Integrated Waste Management Facility that were discontinued due to the COVID-19 pandemic and public gathering restrictions. The virtual tours offer schools and residents a special behind-the-scenes look at how recycling, organics and garbage is managed in Peel.

The virtual tours are available on Peel Region’s website.

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