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Peel Continues to Lead in Climate Change Response and Remains Committed to Climate Action

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Peel Region commits to sustaining steadfast climate leadership to help accelerate modest greenhouse gas reductions and emerging resiliency into a full-scale climate action response.

On June 13th, Regional Council received the 2023 progress report on Peel’s Climate Change Master Plan (CCMP), which highlighted the status of implementation, significant achievements and future climate action priorities.

This past year marked the hottest year on record, with Canada heating twice as fast as the global average. The effects of climate change are being felt everywhere, including the region of Peel.

Peel’s most recent corporate emissions inventory is 31.4 per cent below the target of 45 per cent below 2010 levels by 2030 with approximately 18,600 tCO2e to still reduce. This represents a decrease of 0.6 per cent compared to the previous year’s emissions. Peel also advanced its understanding of how climate risks will impact assets and the cost to adapt and maintain services that residents and businesses rely on.

To date, 19 out of 20 actions of the CCMP have been initiated.

Achievements in 2023 demonstrate Peel’s steadfast and resilient leadership and commitment to fight the climate emergency.

Spotlight achievements in 2023 include:

  • Launching Ontario’s First Fully Electric Waste Collection Vehicle
  • Advancing Low Carbon District Energy opportunities using wastewater effluent
  • Updated the Health Vulnerability to Climate Change Report
  • Transforming long-term capital planning process to decarbonize Affordable Housing assets
  • Expanding employee climate change engagement and recognition
  • Collaborating with the Centre for Energy Transformation to support the community in reducing GHG emissions
  • Collaborating with Peel area municipalities, conservation authorities and Federal Government to install 192 electric vehicle chargers across the community

Peel Region has continued to invest in climate action and remains committed to delivering on its Climate Change Master Plan to make a meaningful difference this decade.

Additional information:

  • The CCMP, approved in 2019, provides organization-wide direction and a pathway of actions needed to achieve the Region’s 2030 climate change outcomes.
  • There remain challenges to achieving the 2030 outcomes of the CCMP, including funding the climate increment in long-term capital plans, the needed increase in scale and pace of plan implementation, gaps in knowledge and coordination around rising climate risks, Ontario’s electricity grid mix, and the accelerated growth anticipated this decade.
  • Challenges during this critical decade will be addressed through sustained leadership, building organizational capacity and informed decision making using the most recent climate science.
  • Through 2024/2025, the CCMP will be updated to reflect the most recent climate science, opportunities and realities facing the Region during the second half of this critical decade.

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