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Peel Committee Against Women Abuse Releases First Regional Snapshot

The Peel Committee Against Women Abuse (PCAWA) is excited to share our first Peel Regional Snapshot. This is an annual resource that PCAWA will produce to share data and trends related to gender-based violence in the Region of Peel. The snapshot will serve as a key resource for PCAWA as we continue our advocacy efforts to raise awareness of the issue of gender-based violence in Peel.

The Peel Regional Snapshot is based on the model developed by Building A Bigger Wave, the coordinating body for the Violence Against Women Coordinating Committees (VAWCC) in the province of Ontario. These snapshots are developed as an advocacy and education tool for both government officials and the wider community. Examples of snapshots from other communities can be found here on the Building A Bigger Wave website.

The Peel Regional Snapshot (2021-2022) comprises data provided to the PCAWA Coordinator by PCAWA member agencies, supplemented by open data published by the Region of Peel. The information that was provided is summarised in the Snapshot and demonstrates the broad range of systems that survivors encounter and are impacted by, and why community coordination is essential in meaningfully supporting survivors and ending gender-based violence.

“We wanted to ensure that the Snapshot included data from many of the systems that survivors interact with and that impact not only how they experience violence, but how they’re able to navigate and access support services in the region,” said Rebecca Pacheco, PCAWA Coordinator.

2021-2022 Data Highlights:

– 8,144 survivors accessing gender-based violence support services (Embrave, Malton Neighbourhood Services, RootsCS, Victim Services of Peel, Caledon Dufferin Victim Services, 2021 – 2022)*

– 75% of women reported abuse and conflict with a partner, spouse or parent as their top reason for their housing loss (Region of Peel, 2021 PiT Count)

– 12-24 month waitlist for Victim of Family Violence Special Priority Unit depending on family size and building location (Region of Peel Housing Services, 2021)

In the last year, PCAWA’s advocacy strategies have included a focus on engaging provincial leaders in critical dialogue on the issue of gender-based violence in our community. Moving forward, the Snapshot will serve as a valuable resource in the advancement of our efforts to advocate for political commitment and action to address gender-based violence.

See the full snapshot below:


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