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Peel Climate Change Partnership Completes Installation of 192 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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The Peel Climate Change Partnership is celebrating the successful installation of 192 electric vehicle charging stations since 2020. This marks completion of their third collaborative project funded through Canada’s Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP).

When the federal government initiated ZEVIP in 2019, a minimum of 20 charging stations were required to apply for funding. At the time, none of Peel Climate Change Partnership members had the ability to install 20 individually, but collectively they were able to exceed this eligibility requirement. In efforts to scale and accelerate greenhouse emissions reductions across the community, Peel’s municipalities and conservation authorities teamed up to submit a successful ZEVIP application resulting in the installation of 43 chargers by March 2022.

Peel Region is proud to partner with the federal government, our local municipalities and conservation authorities to advance greening our fleets and enable members of our community to consider an EV as their next vehicle. Working together is essential to address the climate emergency, and enabling the deployment of more chargers will be critical in the coming years to ensure equitable access to EVs for all vehicle drivers.”

Christine Tu, Director of the Office of Climate Change and Energy Management

Building on this track record of success through collaboration, the Partnership joined forces again to submit two more successful ZEVIP applications. As of March 31st, 2024, the Partnership has completed three ZEVIP projects, secured $1.177 million in funding and installed 192 charging stations across 37 properties in support of fleet and public vehicle electrification. This includes five 50-kilowatt DC Fast Chargers, with three in Caledon that are open for public use.

Driving an electric vehicle in the Province of Ontario can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 90 per cent versus a gasoline fueled vehicle. By the end of Q1 2024, there were more than 19,000 battery and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles registered in Peel Region, nearly a 50 per cent increase from Q1 2023.

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