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OPP Kids Program

OPP KIDS Program – Supporting the Safety of Our Children

The new Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) KIDS Program is a timely and interactive way of engaging students in conversations about matters that are important to them.

The KIDS Program was developed by the OPP as a tool for officers to talk to young people about the decisions they may need to make and what supports are available to them. Officers are going face to face in classrooms with kids to share knowledge they might need when dealing with today’s issues, and to discuss the impact of their decisions.

When educators and police teamed up to create this program, their goal was clear: connect frontline officers with kids to help deliver the message of making the right decision, and to recognize the risks associated with self-victimization on social media (sexting), drug abuse and to prevent crime.

OPP officers are rolling out the highly interactive KIDS program in Grade Six classes across the province with great success. With the use of videos, workbooks, and interactive games, police are talking directly with kids about the law, peer relationships, issues relating to online and social media, along with drug and mental health awareness.

KIDS stands for Knowledge, Issues, Decisions, and Supports, and is another resource available through OPP detachments cross the province.

“The OPP is committed to the delivery of public safety on many levels, and the OPP KIDS Program is one more example of how officers are working proactively in communities to make a difference”, said Inspector Dom Beckett, Detachment Commander, Caledon OPP.

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