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Opening the Doors to Collections and Creativity With CPL’s New Caledon East Branch

Pictured are Janet and Andie Trepanier, Caledon Mayor and Council members, Library CEO Colleen Lipp, and Library Board Chair Tony Maxwell

With the official Grand Opening Celebration of the expanded Caledon East Community Complex, Caledon Public Library (CPL) celebrated the relocation of the Caledon East Branch to the delight of the community on September 16, 2023.

“Now found at 6215 Old Church Road in Caledon East, all can enjoy more space and full-service hours, within easy access to recreation amenities including a gym, walking track, pool and twin ice-pads.”, states Colleen Lipp, Caledon Public Library’s CEO & Chief Librarian. “As our community grows, we continue to effectively respond to the needs of our residents.”

The Caledon East Branch has collections for children, teens and adults, spaces for customers to bring their own device or to borrow a laptop for use in the branch at its bar seating, comfortable lounge chairs and tables, four small meeting rooms and a wonderful children’s area with plenty of floor space for programs. Not only does CPL have collections in the branch and online, library card holders can also borrow audiobooks, videogames, DVDs and graphic novels. Check out CPL’s Library of Things where members can take out guitars, dhol drums, GoPros, hotspots, park passes and so much more! Contrary to what many may think, there is no need for you to be quiet while in the Library. It’s a lively space where all can meet and chat with friends and do group work – though the branch does offer some study rooms for those who would like a little quiet.

“Libraries are no longer simply a place where you retrieve content, they are a place where you create and share your own content.”, states Tony Maxwell, Caledon Public Library Board Chair. “The inclusion of the new Cory Trépanier Creativity Studio truly reflects CPLs’ commitment to its values of innovation and creativity.”

The Cory Trépanier Creativity Studio is named after Caledon resident and world-renowned oil painter, filmmaker and explorer, known for his passionate portrayal of Canadian landscapes. Cory’s legacy includes encouraging artists to fearlessly follow their creative dreams, he urged his audience to connect with nature as a source of inspiration and self-discovery. The studio celebrates the marriage of art and innovation and provides the community with access to emerging technologies and maker tools including 3D printers, a laser cutter, a green screen, sewing and embroidery machines and tools to empower and encourage creativity.

“I’m so excited to see how this creative studio can inspire and house the next generation of artists and makers in Caledon, and I hope that Cory’s story and infectious optimism and sense of adventure will continue to inspire all who move through this space to explore both the natural beauty of Caledon and their own endless creative potential,” said Andie Trépanier, artist and eldest child of Cory Trépanier. “It’s so moving and meaningful to see Cory’s legacy featured in a communal space where his story can continue to inspire the next generation of creators.”

This Creativity Studio isn’t just a collection of tools; it’s a catalyst for innovation and artistic interpretation. It’s a space where a child’s curiosity can transform into a lifelong passion for science or art. It’s a place where people of all ages can learn new skills, from sewing to photography, from digital design to basic engineering principles, and apply them in meaningful ways. Ultimately, the Cory Trépanier Creativity Studio represents a commitment to the growth and development of our community. It’s an investment in our future, fostering a generation of thinkers, artists, creatives, and problem-solvers.

Caledon Public Library truly has something for everyone. Be sure to visit the new Caledon East library branch and the Cory Trépanier Creativity Studio. For more details including hours of operation, visit the library website.

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