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Ontario Photo Card Holders Can Now Renew Online

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The Ontario government is making life easier for Ontario Photo Card holders by providing the option for card renewals online, no longer requiring in-person renewals at a ServiceOntario centre.

The Ontario Photo Card provides Ontarians who do not have a driver’s licence with access to their government-issued identification, making it easier for them to do things such as open a bank account, receive a ballot when voting, and perform any other activities that require official identification.

For those who cannot or choose not to renew online, Ontario Photo Card renewals at a ServiceOntario centre will still be available.

In addition to the new online renewal service, the Ontario Photo Card photo image has been extended from a five-year to a 10-year validity period for all renewals. This allows for the same photo ID image to be used the first time you renew your card, either online or in-person.

The fee for renewing your Ontario Photo Card remains the same at $35.00, whether renewing online or in-person at a ServiceOntario centre.

People can apply for an Ontario Photo Card if you:

    • do not have a driver’s licence
    • are a resident of Ontario, and
    • are 16 years of age and older

Over 40 of the most common ServiceOntario transactions, such as driver’s licence and licence plate sticker renewals, are available 24/7 at

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