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Ode to Snowdrops: A Poem by Carol Good

Written by Carol Good

Now each spring
I keep watch daily
for wee green spikes
piercing crusts of snow

For years I resisted, insisted
on weighing effort and expense
in balance with
bloom size and show

Now I know
better that you
white snowdrops
carry more weight to lift my heart

Than the flashy profusion
of fuchsia summer phlox
which towers and sways
in the breeze

Who cares if I need to
kneel to see you
it’s also easier
to kiss the ground

Another winter has past
and we are still here
your thin stems bear
spring’s joy with grace

bouncing back
when buried
by that last blast

Your silent lessons
in resilience and persistence
can be learned only
by those who look closely

Dear wee white ones,

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Carol Good

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