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No Serious Collisions on Caledon Roads During Canada Day Road Safety Campaign

Officers from the Caledon Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police participated in the Canada Day Road Safety Campaign which commenced on June 16 and ended on July 5, 2021.

The Canada Day Road Safety Campaign focused on the “Big Four” offences: alcohol/drug impaired driving, inattentive/distracted driving, speeding/agressive driving and lack of occupant restraint use. These high-risk behaviours account for the majority of motor vehicle collision injuries and fatalities.

During this campaign there were no serious collisions on roads patrolled by the Caledon Detachment. This campaign saw the start of the new Stunt Driving rules for drivers in Ontario. Effective July 1, 2021, motorists going over 40km/h above the posted limit on roadways and highway with a speed limit under 80km/h could be charged with Stunt Driving. Any motorist charged with Stunt Driving had their vehicle impounded for 14 days, an increase of 7 days from the previous legislation. Roadside drivers license suspensions remained at 7 days.

Caledon officers demonstrated their skill and commitment to traffic safety by laying 750 traffic related charges during this time, the most in Central Region.

  • Speeding – 429
  • Stunt Driving – 19
  • Seatbelt – 73
  • Distracted Driving – 16
  • Impaired Driving – 7
  • Other Criminal Code Driving – 2
  • Other Highway Traffic Act – 213
  • Off-Road Vehicle Act – 7
  • Liquor License Act – 6

In addition to these charges, 8 drivers had their licenses suspended for 3 days after they registered roadside warn on an Approved Screening Device.

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