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New Teen Fantasy at Caledon Public Library

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Imagine a world like our own, fill it with oceans and islands. Let creatures run, swim, and fly across the surface to live and die. In this world, betrayal, revenge, dreams, magic, gods, monsters, ghosts, and love will also find a home. This list features the work of fantasy writers available this summer at the CPL.

Children of Anguish and Anarchy is coming out this month but you can place a hold on it now. It is the third book in the Legacy of Orïsha series (first book is Children of Blood and Bone) which takes place in a kingdom where magic and the people who wield it are outlawed and hunted and on the verge of extinction. The third book sees Zélie and her friends trapped on a ship headed for a foreign land where they are at a disadvantage in the unfamiliar territory.

The sequel to Threads That Bind comes out this month called Hearts That Cut. This series is about Greek demigods like the Percy Jackson Series except the main character is a descendent of the Greek Fates who uses her powers to solve murders. The sequel sees the heroes solving a murder that is centuries old.

So Let Them Burn is an action-packed fantasy that takes place after Faron has liberated her island from dragon-riding colonists. At a peace summit in the aftermath, her sister unknowingly lights the powder keg by bonding with an enemy dragon. Faron must now navigate the world of the empire and gods to protect her sister.

Lady of Steel and Straw is a fast-paced romantasy that features a richly detailed world with a dark side including raising a ghost army amidst a local faction war. The book is inspired by the three musketeers and is told from multiple perspectives with character capable of calming the dead. Similar to The Cruel Prince.

Of Jade and Dragons is out this month which is a revenge mystery. After Aihui Ying’s father is murdered she must hunt down the killer by undergoing the trials of the Engineers Guild and following the clues from her father’s secret journal.

King of Dead Things takes place in a mystical London centered around a Caribbean restaurant following Eli who cannot remember who he is but has miraculous healing powers and Malcolm with death magic who only wants to save his mother.

Tress of the Emerald Sea is a 2023 novel by Brandon Sanderson about Tress living on the shores of the sea but also the shores of a great story. She awaits floating treasures and legends that sail across the vast water. It’s a simple life but the stories always feel out of reach. But how much can you know about the world through stories before you must face the danger and experience a story of your own?

Compass and Blade is about an island of pirates that set traps for ships to plunder them. But they don’t want to kill anyone if they can help it which is why they designate one crew member to save survivors. When one of their marauding missions goes awry, Mira’s father is captured, she must follow the only lead she has to rescue him – her dead mother’s secret treasure chest.

What makes fantasy so great is that it grants a broad creative license to your imagination but still must maintain believability either in the language or the characters. We hope these fantasy books move you!

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