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Need a Backyard Oasis?

Work with nature to create your own backyard oasis!

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) invites residents in the headwaters region to green their yards by learning about gardening with native plants at a free “Your Green Yard” workshop. The event, held in partnership with Glen Echo Nurseries, takes place Tuesday June 11, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Glen Echo Nurseries, 15070 Airport Road, Caledon.

Whether your home is located on a small urban lot or a sprawling rural property, there are many simple ways for residents to work with nature to create a beautiful oasis. CVC will help residents choose low maintenance plants and features for their yards that are also friendly to local butterflies, insects, birds and water systems.

“Many homeowners find manicured and high maintenance landscaping costly and disappointing,” said Holly Nadalin, Program Coordinator, Headwaters Outreach. “We recommend native plants that are adapted to local climate and soils, and are hardier than non-native alternatives.”

CVC’s popular “Your Green Yard” workshops are held regularly in Mississauga and Brampton, and once a year in the headwaters region. At the workshop, the CVC team will identify beautiful native plants that can withstand lower rainfall and are resistant to a wider range of local pests, making chemical treatment unnecessary. Native plants can withstand competition from other plants, which ultimately means less weeding.

A variety of native plants will be on display so participants can choose ones that complement their yard. All participants receive 15 per cent off their next purchase of native plants from Glen Echo Nurseries.

Glen Echo Nurseries participates in the Ontario Invasive Plant Council’s Grow Me Instead program, a volunteer program that promotes native plants over invasive plants. The program, in its second year, has seen a rise in popularity as more residents learn about the advantages of using native plants. The rapid spread of invasive species has become a major concern. They displace diverse native species and impact the animals that rely on native plants for food and habitat.

This workshop is free and space is limited. Register online at For more information please contact CVC’s Holly Nadalin at or 905-670-1615 ext. 449

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