Million $$ Neighbourhood Opportunity Picking Up Steam

Bolton resident Leah Dilley has been a Tour de Force in getting the word out and building excitement for Bolton’s chance at being the next town for TV’s Million Dollar Neighbourhood series. If you haven’t seen the show or don’t get what it’s all about you now have the chance to come out and meet the producers and hear about how it works and have your questions answered. For more info right now you can read the letter below from another friend Shane Nixon.




Hi everyone,

I’m EXTREMELY EXCITED to let everyone know that Bolton is in the final selection process between us and a few other towns to be chosen for the next documentary/reality TV series “MILLION DOLLAR NEIGHBOURHOOD”. This is a new program from the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network…ie. it’s HUGE!!) check out the trailer here<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCMTj8-m2m4>

The shows goal is to work with 100 families to collectively increase their net worth by $1 million over a 10 week period. (basically each family increases their net worth by $1000/week…a big challenge!) Over 10 weeks they have challenges and bring in financial experts to teach people how to do this and work together as a community to accomplish this.  As a financial professional I think that this is an amazing idea and very timely considering the financial condition of the world right now.  (I’m hoping to have some clients volunteer to be on the show and to be selected as one of the financial professionals also)  By the way, there are also prizes ie. $100,000 for the top family!

The producers randomly selected Bolton and contacted my good friend Leah to “rally the troops” so that there is enough interest to bring the show to town.  The challenge is that other towns got wind of this and are trying to win over the producers.  Lets help Leah and our community!!

I need everyone I know and everyone YOU know to do the following PLEASE;
a) Go to the facebook website “Bringmilliondollarneighbourhoodtobolton<http://www.facebook.com/#%21/BringMillionDollarNeighbourhoodToBolton>” and click on “like”.  (the more LIKES we get the more likely we are to be chosen)
b) SHARE this page with all of YOUR contacts
c) COME OUT this Thursday June 7th, 7:30pm to the Bolton Fairgrounds (bring a chair) to meet the producers and show them that Bolton/Caledon wants this!! (and no, Opra won’t be there ha!)
I highly doubt Bolton/Caledon will every get this kind of opportunity again so lets get excited about this, show our support and put Bolton on the map, AND make the producers proud to have chosen Bolton in the first place.
Lets make this happen and thank you all for your help.


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