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Mattress Mover Charged with Insecure Load

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Officers from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Caledon Detachment are reminding motorists to be mindful of how they secure their loads following a traffic stop in Caledon.

On Thursday, November 11, 2021 officers from the OPP Caledon Detachment were shocked to see a motorist driving on Mayfield Road near Highway 410 at 7:15am with his load of two mattresses on top of his car held on only with a fitted bed sheet.

The driver of the vehicle had recruited two friends to help move some mattresses. The front right and rear left passenger were holding the ends of the bed sheet by hand as it was draped over the mattresses. This held sheet was the only means of securement.

The driver, a 25 year old from Brampton, was charged with the offence of Insecure Load under the Highway Traffic Act which carries a fine of $160 and no demerit points.

The OPP Caledon Detachment is reminding motorists that if they are planning on moving large objects it is important to plan ahead and use the right tools.

  • If possible use a van or truck with an enclosed cargo area
  • Use proper strapping, such as ratchet straps, that have load rating exceeding what you are transporting
  • The use of a net or tarp can assist in securing the load in an open trailer or truck bed

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