Making it Perfect

Written by Patti Foley

Few life events undergo the planning, preparations, passion and investment as a wedding. Indeed, putting together the “perfect day” is knot (pun untended) for the faint of heart.

But perfect we want it to be. As one of life’s not-just-another-ordinary days we want this one to stand out. For ourselves. Our family. Our friends.

Kelley at Laura's Wedding

And in the midst of all that preparation – venues, food and caterers, florists, gowns, music and bands, photographers and videographers – is there danger of the real story being lost? I’m talking about the story of the bride and groom.

“You know your ceremony should be as important as your cake, and couples should be willing to put as much value on them” Kelley Potter offers with a big genuine smile. “As a couple you want people to know your story; there’s nothing really more important about the day than your own unique story. That’s what you want people to take home”.

Kelley is a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant; and although certified for both Weddings and Funerals she has found herself with quite a list of Wedding bookings already.

How does an almost life-long Bolton resident, here since age 5 (in fact she attended Ellwood Public School where her 2 daughters subsequently followed), and employee of several decades at our Caledon Public Library, end up considering this as a side career?

Kelley with Rikki

“After delivering my parent’s eulogies about 5 years ago I found myself standing back a bit and reassessing life” Kelley explains. “I thought a lot about those ceremonies and how much it really meant to have the right words, to really touch people’s hearts and let them hear the story”.

And Kelley wanted to approach her business with expertise and training. After a long and insightful discussion with Michelle Davidson “a wonderful Celebrant in B.C.” she investigated the Celebrant Foundation and Institute where Michelle had received her training.

“I knew I wanted to invest in the right education. And I did a double stream” says Kelley, “both Weddings and Funerals”.

“The ceremony is without doubt a focal point of the Wedding Day. I will meet with a couple, get to know them, go through a questionnaire and then often work 10 to 15 hours to ensure a ceremony that tells their unique story and in a way that resonates with them and with their guests”. 

Kelley says she had no idea she would enjoy the weddings as much as she has been. She hopes to create and perform many more, after all, the ceremony should be the “heart” of the day”.

Kelley Potter

You can contact Kelley through her website

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