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Letter to Caledon Councillors from Bolton Resident

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Submitted to Just Sayin' Caledon

The following letter written by Bolton resident Ken Yates, to the Caledon Councillors noted, was also sent to JSC for publication.

Doug Maskell, Ward 3 Councillor
Mario Russo, Ward 4, 5, & 6 Regional Councillor
Tony Rosa, Ward 5 Councillor
Cosimo Napoli, Ward 6 Councillor

Dear Councillors Russo, Rosa, Maskell, and Napoli,

Weeks ago, coming out of the public information sessions, the mayor said that she was “listening” and “heard” the public, and that the bundle of these 12 zoning by-laws would not be voted on until September. They are now coming up for a vote at the council meeting on June 25th. Why the sudden change?  What could possibly be worth such a risk of such inevitable public backlash?

It is a common consensus that the first red flag of a scam is an artificial time-pressure.  I am not prepared to accept the reported explanation of the staff having the report done early.  That still does not explain why the public is not being given time to review and comment on the proposed changes.  Remember the Canadian Tire distribution centre debacle?  Then-Councillor Groves made a great deal of public noise about a perceived lack of transparency and public input.  Why is this situation any different?  Why are so few details available?  Why are all the usual and customary check-and-balance processes being by-passed?

The mayor has alleged that the “fast-tracking” of these approvals is “protecting Caledon”. The overall approval process, environmental studies, secondary plans, public meetings, and several other processes are there in the first place to protect Caledon. How can by-passing all those checks and balances be of benefit to Caledon and its residents?  One does not build a house from the roof down.

The resulting new traffic will guarantee Highway 413.  What of the mayor’s oft-stated opposition to the 413?

I am not suggesting to try to stop future development.  It just should not be proceeding without all the other requisite processes being accomplished.  Each site has its own combination of zoning types along with its own unique limitations and considerations.  Why should they be passed as a “one-size-fits-all” single entity?

Where are the employment lands going to be?  How are people going to get there?  Will there be any public transit?  In what form?  What capacity and ridership?  How will utilities be installed?  Paid for by whom?

As pointed out in Housing and Municipal Affairs Minister Calandra’s letter of April 26, 2024 to the mayor, some of these parcels of land impinge onto the 413 right-of-way.  Would that not then force the provincial government to expropriated the land back from the developer-owner?  Would that not then enhance the developer-owner’s profit on the land without even having to lift a shovel?  If, as rumoured, there is an MTO letter providing some kind of relief, where is it?  Why has it not been published to the Town web site?

For these reasons and a host of others that have been brought up repeatedly at several public meetings, this motion should be voted down so that the by-laws can be separated from each other and to allow the other, necessary studies to take place.

This is the third major controversy–if not outright scandal–in the first 18 months of a 48-month term.  How much personal and political credibility can you afford to lose by continually supporting the mayor, her broken promises and her officially-recorded lack of ethics?

The voting public is noticing.

Lynn Kiernan, Ward 1 Councillor
Dave Sheen, Ward 2 Councillor
Christina Early, Ward 1, 2 & 3 Regional Councillor
Nick deBoer, Ward 4 Councillor

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