Let’s Go Caledon: Why Transit Centered Communities are so Important

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The following letter from received from Caledon Mayor Allan Thompson for publication on JSC.
There has been a lot of talk around town about growth, transit and what a future Caledon will look like. I know for certain that for us to get this right we must make innovative decisions and take bold action now.
For several years, we have been working towards prioritizing and bringing innovation to our community of communities, from broadband infrastructure to a vision for complete, connected future neighbourhoods. This has included an aggressive and deliberate effort to protect the lands that will one day house a Caledon GO Station, a landmark that will provide essential transit service in our town.  We were able to achieve this with the help of our provincial partners through a Ministerial Zoning Order. And we won’t stop here: we are asking the Province to advance the timeline of the Caledon GO Station given the approval of residential development on the lands next to the future station and to support our Town’s projected population growth.
Caledon is the only region in the Greater Toronto Area without direct access to GO train service. Accessible, affordable transportation between Caledon and the GTA will greatly shape our future in so many ways and mark a major step in our town’s evolution. 
Imagine what GO train service in Caledon would mean: safer and more accessible transportation and a decrease in gridlock and congestion on our commuter roads. It will also support a more environmentally sound and inclusive option that allows for safer travel to and from the GTA. In a post-pandemic world, transit will create an easy way for visitors to access all that Caledon has to offer, from our breathtaking landscapes and natural green spaces, to our quaint hamlets and villages. GO train service will help support a thriving local business sector – bringing new customers and helping local enterprises flourish. Our local businesses will also benefit from the possibility of expanding their pool of talent as the transit system will make it easy for workers from other areas to access employment opportunities in the region.
Our business community can also benefit from growing trends such as reverse-commuting. And as more young people and families consider relocating from other parts of the GTA, there is a renewed interest, only strengthened by the pandemic, in spending more time in nature-centric areas like the setting we occupy here in Caledon.
The opportunities are endless when presented with the possibility of a GO train system in our town. Let’s embrace this opportunity to play an active role in planning the future of Caledon. I am excited about the possibilities this brings, including establishing a modern, transit-supported community in Caledon. 
I welcome your ideas, thoughts and perspectives. We are building this community together and your say is critical.  We can imagine a bright future for our Town, together!
Let’s Go Caledon! 
Mayor Allan Thompson

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  • Mayor Thompson- I very much agree with your support of a Caledon GO Station. And I look forward to Caledon Council very soon asking the Province to advance the timeline of the Caledon GO Station. Please keep us posted.

  • The Ghost Station. Metrolinx has not put in plan to have a Bolton line put in anytime soon, 2041. They cancelled the bus service to Bolton because of lack of use. Putting a development in with the story of a Go Station is irresponsible and will cause more need for cars on highways. We deserve better in Caledon, wiping out EPA land and Prime Agriculture for fake trains is deplorable. This MZO was so undemocratic and shows how our Caledon Council will bend over backwards to make Developers happy at the cost for Residents. Servicing and maintaining this sprawl will be on our taxes. We need #ABetterCaledon